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28th volume of Lithuanian Metrics has been published by the Institute of History of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences.

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Mathematicians of Belarus

Belarus-Art site - news coverage of art events in Belarus

Belarus hockey team pulls off huge upset in 2002 Winter Olympics

Sacred Stones - a short page about Belarusian pagan tradition of worshiping Sacred Stones.

Basowiszcza - The Musical Festival of Young Belarus

Belarusian MP3-ies and Real Audio: Energun 22 and many others

Labrys - Belarus/Netherlands theatre project

Vitebsk International Arts Festival "Slavic Bazaar"

Max Mirnyi

Yatviangians - the ancient ethnos of Belarus

Style and Fashion in Belarus

Belarusian vangard:
Kazimir Malevich

Vitebsk Art School

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Artistic Unions in Belarus

Central Botanical Garden of Belarusian Academy of Sciences


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2007 is the year of 125th anniversary of two greatest Belarusian poets - classicists of Belarusian literature - Yanka Kupala and Yakub Kolas. Just as other Northern European cultures Belarusian culture is strongly defined by its poetry and songs. Kolas and Kupala have played a tremendous role in forming Belarusian national identity. 
Go!   Religion Go! Science Go!   Education
This is our short account of the religious path of Belarus from pagan times until post-communist era. This is a link to the main page of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus which contains dozens of homepages of Belarusian research institutes. This is our list of contact addresses of Belarusian Universities, Institutes, colleges and schools.

Go!  Literature Go! Old Poetry Go!   Author Songs
This page summarizes the topics related to Belarusian Literature and Language Here we would like to acquaint you with the rich multilingual tradition of old Belarusian poetry (XVI-XVII cc). Major trends in old Belarusian poetry and metrics are discussed. This is a collection of poetry from the contemporary Belarusian author songs compiled by Masha Shkol'nikava.

Go!   Music Go! Musical
Go!   Belarusian Electronica
Belarusian Music links, news, audio files, events, musical instruments etc. Pop, folk, church, classical, modern techno and electronica etc. This site has several images of the original Belarusian folk musical instruments. MP3ies, MP3ies & more MP3ies! Listen to a bursting scene of Belarusian Electronic Dance Music.

Go!  Fine Arts Go!   Belarusian Icon Go!   Belarusian straw weaving crafts
This is the VG's collection of links to the works of the artists from Belarus. There are tons of links to pictures of Malevich, Kandinski, Chagal, Drazdovich etc. The site explores the traditional art of Belarusian Icon Painting Here you can see some examples of Belarusian straw weaving, incrustation and appliqué folk arts and crafts

Go!   Clothing Go! Textile Go!   Ceramics
Check out few samples of traditional belarusian clothing. See some of our textile ornaments. Here you can see some of the ancient belarusian ceramic tradition.

Go! Cinematography Go! Architecture Go!   Heraldry
.Some movie reviews and contact information of Belarusian movie and TV companies. This site is planned to compile the imagery of the characteristic Belarusian architecture - churches, castles, historical estates and modern architecture marvels.. Learn the history of Belarus through Belarusian Heraldry. Dozens of city symbols, family crests and state symbols are discussed.

Go!   Sports Go! Diversity Go! Jewish Belarus
This is our collection of links with information about Belarusian Sports This is our collection of links and information about ethnical minorities, women's, handicapped, gay/lesbian rights and other diversity issues in Belarus. Belarus has enormously rich Jewish history. A great number of Jewish scholars, artists, cultural and political figures were born in Belarus. Belarus even had first Yeshiva.

Go!   Theatre Go! Holidays Go!   Games
Our brief introduction to Belarusian theatrical tradition with collection of links to individual theatre pages. This file tells you about Belarusian traditional celebrations from pagan times to the Soviet era. You can read here about the rules of some games for children and also about some of the traditional folk games.

People of Culture

St. Efrasinnia
St. Kazimir
St. Maximilian
F. Skaryna
S. Budny
V. Cyapinski
L. Sapega
I. Pocei
M. Smatrycki
M. Bahdanovich
V. Dunin- Marcynkievich
F. Bahushevich
V. Zacharka
P. Krecheuski
L.S. Vygotsky 
R.R. Shyrma


Olga Korbut
Max Mirnyi
Vitaly Scherbo
Alexander Kurlovich
Svetlana Boguinskaia
Natalia Zvereva

Places of Culture

Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Skaryna Museum and Library
Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences
Belarusian Fund of Culture

Objects of Culture

St. Ephrasinnia Cross
Statutes of the GDL
Lithuanian Metrics
Belarusian Tristan

Please visit also our Belarusian Heritage page. It contains the wealth of information on the origins of Belarus (Great Litva) and Belarusian cultural heritage. You can find here pages about:

    o more than 30 historically important Belarusian towns.
    o Belarusian heraldry
    o famous Belarusians
    o Belarusian architecture
    o Belarusian traditional clothing
    o Country Museum - a collection of folk art related pages



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