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Articles about the History of Belarus

General Information:

XIII-XVII cc. The Grand Duchy of Litva - a medieval Belarusian state. Belarusian Renaissance. Pahonia

XVIII c. "Rzecz Pospolita Polsko-Litewska" - Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

XIX c. Napoleon war. Belarusian revival. Belarusian Uprising of 1863-64.

XX c. WWI, the end of Russian Empire, Belarusan Democratic Republic.

Soviet Belarus in 1919-1939. Belarus divided: BSSR and Western Belarus in Poland. lenin.gif (4264 bytes)

1939-1945. World War II.

Below is the photo of downtown Minsk - Belarusian capital, that was completely demolished in WWII by the bombings. The large building in the distance is an Opera House.

1946-1992. Post WWII Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (BSSR).

1992-Present. The newly proclaimed independent state - Republic of Belarus.

Other Related Historical Topics.

Belarusian Heritage

Visit the Belarusian Heritage Page Mir

This project encompasses information about the historical and culutural Heritage of the Belarusian people. It includes sites on various subjects compiled by the "Virtual Guide"-time and links to other sources.

Here you can
       ... start on a journey through beautiful and historically significant Belarusian towns and cities, learn about the history of more than 30 small towns and large cities, see pictures of historical monuments - ancient churches, castles and ruins - and landscapes - ranging from the lakes in the Braslau region in the North, the hills of Navahradak down to the Palessie swamps in the South.
       ... On this journey through our country you will also learn about famous representatives of our country across different centuries.      
 ... moreover you can read about Belarusian architecture, traditional clothing, crafts and more.

Historical maps of Belarus



The cross of Saint Efrasinnia

gcnsk2.gif (10906 bytes) Belarusian Castles


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