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Belarusian music is first of all Eastern European music. There is a lot of folk influence in it. Lately a lot of electronic dance music appeared in Belarus. But the mainstream is hard rock. Ever since the appearance of our web page about Belarusian Folk Music in 1994 many other pages related to the Music of Belarus were created. Here are some of our pages and links to other related pages:

Several Belarusian bands that took part in July 21, 2004 action of opposition protesting President Lukashenka rule beyond 2 terms of 5 years per Belarusian constitution were outlawed for FM Radio rotation in Belarus. These bands are Neuro Dubel, N.R.M., Palace, Drum Ecstasy, Krywi, Aliaksandar Pamidorau. A day after July 21 concert Palace folk group was also fired from BelConcert state run promoter. The regime is afraid of music. Generally is afraid of youth - they closed the #1 private University - because they couldn't control students here and teach them a State Ideology, like they do in state run universities.

    With Lukashenka regime plugging all outlets of free spirit in Belarus there is definitely a tilt into aggressive side in Belarusian youth tastes. If it's rock - it's hard, metal or punk in Belarus and it is normally politically charged. Well, singing in Belarusian is already a political statement in Belarus nowadays. Lately it softened a bit as the youth pretty much ignores gray Soviet reality of the regime. 60% of youth dream to leave Belarus at all. Many musicians escaped into abstract constructs of electronic music. Below is certainly incomplete but we hope a representative list of modern Belarusian groups and musicians:

When Prince of Wales married for the second time in 2005, to his long-term love Camilla Parker Bowles, it is Belarusian native Ekaterina Semenchuk (above) who was singing at their wedding in Windsor. The 29-year-old mezzo- soprano, who is known to audiences in Wales after reaching the 2001 final of Cardiff Singer of the World, performed at a church blessing after the civil wedding. Ekaterina flew over from St. Petersburg to sing at the wedding blessing as a token of appreciation from the Mariinsky Theatre Trust, of which the groom is a patron and a benefactor.

Music Festivals in Belarus:

Record labels and promoters:

  • Segmenter - Belarusian record label transplant into N.Y.C. soil

  • Tamizdat - works to build international communities by bridging the cultural and economic gaps that separate American and Western Europe from Central and Eastern Europe.

  • FALÇATA GALIA - record label featuring the best new musical talent from Eastern Europe, South America, The United States, and the world. 

  • DIS Productions - dark industrial electronic record label in Belarus

  • Somord Productions - Belarusian Goth-Industrial label, promoting group and creative socium

On-Line Radio from Belarus



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