Zaslauje is a town in Miensk region, situated on the Svislac river, 27 km North-West of the capital Miensk (Minsk).
Population: 11,500 (1995)

The Reformist Church

Reformist Church. (Now the Church of the Savior and Transfiguration). 16th century. Monument of the later Renaissance architecture.

The town of "Iziaslaul" was first mentioned in the chronicles of the year 987 AD. An old legend has it that the town was built by Uladzimir, the prince of Kiev, who then left it to his wife, Rahnieda, the princess of Polacak, and his son Iziaslau. From the 11th to the 14th century the town was the centre of a principality of the same name.

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Today Zaslauje is a small city near Miensk (Minsk). Due to its proximity to the Zaslaue reservoir the city offers good possibilities for hillwalking and tourism. Click to enlarge the pictures below:

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