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Welcome to the "Virtual Guide to Belarus" - a collaboration project started in November 1994 among a group of Belarusian scientists, students and professionals working around the World. We would like to bring you knowledge of our beautiful homeland in a simple and friendly way. This site is not an official page. It has nothing to do with the Belarusian government or any other organization. Our pages state personal points of view only. The Virtual Guide to Belarus is currently owned and run by Californian non-profit public benefit corporation - Belarusguide, Inc - which is not organized for the private gain of any person. The specific purpose of this corporation is to promote understanding of Belarusian history and culture (Article II of Incorporation). The property of this corporation is irrevocably dedicated to Public and charitable purposes and  no part of the net income or assets of this corporation shall ever inure to the benefit of any director, officer or member thereof or to the benefit of any private person (Article II of Incorporation).

At different times these volunteers worked on The Virtual Guide to Belarus

Ryhor Hajduk
- born in Padlyasse - a region in Poland populated by Belarusians mostly. Ryhor created for the VG the online English-Belarusian and Belarusian-English Dictionaries. He also maintains other Belarusian Language related pages.

Kirill Yurchenko
- (born in Vitebsk) is a professional software engineer in Silicon Valley. He is currently maintaining our Vitebsk page and is working out VG's technological strategy.


Alies' Arciukhovich
- (born in Hrodna) is an engineer in California. Alies' co-founded The Virtual Guide to Belarus with Dzmitry Zelenka in 1994. He is currently maintaining pages on his native Hrodna.; Belarusian Culture; Chernobyl and some others.

Aliaksiej Sierka
- (born in Minsk) is an engineer in Germany. He had maintained the History of Belarus page in VG to Belarus. This page contains also the Belarusian Heritage page with a compillation of information about important in belarusian history places and people.

Siargej Sonchyk
- (born in Brest) was a student of economics in Losanne, Switzerland. Siargej was maintaining our Nature and Ecology related pages and the homepage of his native city - Brest.

Dzmitry Zelenka
- (born in Minsk) is one of co-founders of the Virtual Guide to Belarus. Dzmitry has created the Minsk page, some pages on history and was maintaining City Guides in VG to Belarus. Dzmitry still helps us from time to time with technical issues.

Liavon Yurevich
- (born in Minsk) is an associate of Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences in N.Y.C. and works in N.Y. Public Library. Liavon was maintaining a cluster of webpages about Belarusian culture abroad. In 1999 Liavon had chosen to stop working on the web. Some of Liavon's pages survived as mirrors on Belarus Miscellany site.

Friends of the Virtual Guide to Belarus

You are welcome to cooperate with us. There is still plenty to tell about Belarus and there are so few of us on the net. Please, send us your stories, pictures, videos, music, related to Belarus. We will gladly review your contribution and consider making it part of this site. Thank you!

This file is a part of the Virtual Guide to Belarus - a collaborative project of Belarusian scientists and professionals  abroad. VG brings you the most extensive compilation of the information about Belarus on the Web.
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