List of Chernobyl Related International Charity Organizations

The idea of this page is to collect brief descriptions, contact information and provide links to organizations websites. The organizations are listed in the order of adding them to the list. So the most recent additions are at the bottom of the list. Please do not hesitate to contact us with information on your Chernobyl charity working in Belarus. We would love to add you to this list! Thank you!

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Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus
Visit their home page to find out more about the help of Canadians to Belarusian children. It has many interesting information and even music and video.

Contact: Mrs. Maggie McLoed, Executive Director,190 Bronson Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1R 6H4; Tel: +1 (613) 567-9595 (24 hr answering service); Fax: +1 (613) 567- 9971; Email:

Hilfe Fuer Die Kinder Von Tschernobyl
is a German "Children of Chernobyl" organization. Check out their new website. There is a report in pictures on the autumn 1996 track convoy to Chernobyl area. Our German friends are bringing medicaments and toys to affected by Chernobyl Belarusian children and orphans.

Contact address is: Hilfe Fuer Die Kinder Von Tschernobyl, Remco und Monika Castner, Pestalozzistr. 12, D-82140 Olching. Tel. : +49 08142 14843. EMAIL:

Fund for the Children of Chernobyl N.W
is an organization in Seattle, Washington, USA.

Contact address is: Mrs. Nancy Neal-Oldenettel;

Belarusian Charitable Fund for the Children of Chernobyl
is a Belarusian organization in Minsk - the capital of Belarus.

Contact address is: Belarusian Charitable Fund for the Children of Chernobyl, Starovilenskaya Str. 14, Minsk 220029, Belarus. Contact the Chairman Mr. Gennady Groushevoi at

Irish Chernobyl-Helping Organization
I don't have exact name of this organization + the e-mail connection is very unreliable.

Contact address is: Mr. Justin McCarthy; 90237722@vax1.dcu.

Exeter Children of Chernobyl
- Provides recuperative holidays in Devon, England for Belarusian children aged 8 to 11 years from the Brest region. It is part of City Community Church, registered charity number: 1060985..

E-mail contact:

Missions Action Team Pine Valley United Methodist Church
- is church community in Seattle, Washington, USA. helping Chernobyl children.

Contact address is: Mr. Buck Norton Chairman, Missions Action Team Pine Valley United Methodist Church Wilmington, NC (910) 791-8809; e-mail

Operation Belarus
The University of Western Ontario dental care program for children of Chernobyl

contact address is: Prof. Gerald Z. Wright (DENGZW@UWOADMIN.UWO.CA)

Children in Crisis
- is a British organization patronaged by Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of York

Please send mail for Children in Crisis to Tara Melik at

A.N.P.AS. (National Association of Public Assistances)
- is an Italian voluntary organization helping children of Chernobyl.

The A.N.P.AS. contact address is

American Belarusian Relief Organization (ABRO)
is organized in North Carolina. ABRO has brought about 400 children over for medical evaluation last summer. Over 50 Americans - some Doc and RN - went to Belarus recently to work with orphanages and hospitals. ABRO will have another group to go over in spring and again in summer for their summer camp project , where ABRO helps 75-100 children in a camp setting. 

Contact address is: PO Box 1224, Concord, North Carolina 28026-1224; Ph.: (704) 549-9699; e-mail:

Kakehashi To Chernobyl
- a Japanese voluntary NGO providing assistance to the people affected by the Chernobyl disaster by inviting Chernobyl children to Japan to recover their health.

The "Kakehashi To Chernobyl" contact address is: 1-17, Minami 17-jyo Nishi 7-chome, Cyuou-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido 064-0917 JAPAN; TEL/FAX:+81-11-511-3680; E-mail to Mr. Shinichi Noro at

Belarus-American Child Health Foundation
is a publicly funded, nonprofit charitable organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Contact address: Belarus-American Child Health Foundation, Thomas P. Foley, Jr., M.D., Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA

The Friends of Chernobyl's Children
- is a British organization (Charity Registration Number 1049689) bringing Belarusian children for vacations and medication to England.

Charity Director: Mrs Olwyn Keogh. No 1 Brooklands, Chipping, Forest of Bowland, Lancs. tel. 01995 61305; e-mail contact:

Friends to Friends
is organized in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Has sent several containers of humanitarian aid and sponsored children for visits.

Contact address is: President Alice Ann Klingler at

Children of Chernobyl Friendship Fund
- CCFF has sent humanitarian aid to Chernobyl contaminated areas and hosted Children of Chernobyl in northern California since 1999.

Children of Chernobyl Friendship Fund, President Olivia Anslinger Carniglia, 1441 Twilight Place, Santa Rosa CA 95409-4397; Tel. 707-537-0951; Fax 707-537-9429; E-mail

Children of Chernobyl Project of Northern California
is another organization in CA. Mrs. Michelle Carter is a co-author of the book "Children of Chernobyl: Raising Hope From the Ashes". The "Augsburg Publishers of Minneapolis" have kindly made copies of this book available to humanitarian groups to use as fundraising premiums. This article was written by Ms. Michelle Carter on the 10th Anniversary of the Chernobyl accident.

Contact Mrs. Michelle Carter, 751 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont, CA 94002; ph.: 415/349-7599, 415/593-4547; e-mail

Chernobyl Survivors' Fund
- brings children affected by Chernobyl for recovery to a state of Colorado, USA..

Contact: Mr.&Mrs. Elizabeth & Ken Huibregtse of Colorado email:

Friendship over Borders (Venskab over Grænser)
- is a Danish organization working with Belarusian Charitable Fund for the Children of Chernobyl since 1993. Venskab is bringing Belarusian children affected by Chernobyl for recovery to Denmark.

Contact: Mr. Allan Meyer, Vinkelhuse 1, DK-2770 Kastrup, Denmark. E-mail: or Mr. Per Svensen / CEN Ph.: 32313798

Swiss organization
- is a group of business students at IMD in Switzerland that have got together in order to find ways of helping the population in Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia to fight the after effects of the Chernobyl disaster.

Contact: Mr. Ronald Tabaksblat at

Fund For Chernobyl Victims in Belarus
- is a Chernobyl Relief organization in New Jersey, USA.

Contact: Mr. Alex Silwanowicz, Fund For Chernobyl Victims in Belarus, 9 River Road, Highland Park, NJ 08904; Ph.: (908) 254-6527; Fax: (908) 254-8951; E-mail: or

Tschernobylhilfe Initiative Lenggries
- is a German Chernobyl Relief organization located in Lenggries, Bavaria about 40 miles south of Munich. It is supporting a Belarusian hospital with medicaments and bringing Chernobyl children to Germany for recovery. Visit their web site to find out more.

Contact: Tschernobyl Hilfe Initiative Lenggries/Jachenau, c/o Christine Gabor, Weidenlohstrafle 6, 83661 Lenggries, Tel.:08042/8880 - 08042/2191; FAX :08042/98211; no e-mail contact at the moment.

Tsjerkin (from TSJERnobyl and KINderen)
- is a Dutch organization started in Twente in 1992. Our Dutch friends are helping children's hospitals in Minsk and Mogilev. They are also bringing children from Krasnopolje for recovery. At this time Tsjerkin has moved to Deventer in the East of Holland. Tsjerkin still: brings goods to Belarus; runs Childrens Travels once every two years; runs programs for Belarusian students in The Netherlands.

Contact: Elzo Springer ( or

Chernobyl Children's Project, of Petaluma
- is a Northern California project which works in contact with Belarusian organization "Medicine & Chernobyl" since 1990. This Chernobyl Children's Project (CCP) belongs to Children of Chernobyl US Alliance. Since 1991, CCP has grown to include support from area dentists and businesses. Thirty to forty children are brought each summer to stay with volunteer host families in Marin and Sonoma counties for six weeks. Each child receives a dental check-up and eye examination. Local businesses support the program with donations and sponsorship of family events. Similar programs are taking place in San Diego, Nevada City and Tennessee.

Contact: Chernobyl Children's Project, P.O. Box 750334, Petaluma CA, 94975-0334. Ph.:707-769-0337. Fax: 707-762-9705. President - Ms. Julie Wilder-Sherman (; Vice President – Ms. Kristie Padjen (

The SOZO International Network
is an international organization based in the United States. SOZO connects people and resources and provides the logistical support required to deliver help to those in need. Project Chernobyl, one of SOZO's current efforts, joins charitable organizations providing medical supplies, equipment and training to the people of the Ukraine. The project focuses on helping the children of the Chernobyl disaster.

Contact Norm Schulz or Dan Billings at: The SOZO International Network, 18930 59th Ave NE, Arlington, WA 98223; Tel:(360)435-8983 Ext.3035; Fax:(360)435-6334; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children's Project LTD
- is one of the oldest organizations started in Cork, Ireland,1991 by Ms. Adi Roche with the help of the Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and Cork Youth Association. Visit their great Web site to find out about more. It contains extracts from the book; children's paintings and poems and even video clips.

Contact address: Chernobyl Children's Project Ltd, 8 Sidneyville, Bellevue Park, St. Luke's, Cork City, Ireland; Phone 021-506411; FAX: 021-551544; Or you can e-mail Ms. Adi Roche, director, at

Medicine and Chernobyl
- is a Belarusian organization working with internatiopnal charity organizations to fight the consequences of Chernobyl.

Contact address: Ms. Olga A. Volmyanskaya, Ph.D., Medicine and Chernobyl, care of: Belarusian Medical Society for Charity Initiative, Kazintsa str. 122-31, Minsk 220064, Belarus Telephone/Fax (Dialing direct from U.S.): 011-7-0172-77-83-25

Kinder aus Tschernobyl in Herford
The German charity "Kinder aus Tschernobyl in Herford" cooperates with the school
No 1 in Mosyr, Belarus. Every year a group of thirty pupils visits Herford County for convalescing from living in a contaminted area. The pupils are between 9 and 13 years old. Furthermore the charity collects money to buy some medicine (vitamins) for all pupils at the school no 1 and to buy some medical gadgets for the hospital in Mosyr.

Contact address is: Kinder aus Tschernobyl in Herford e.V., Kleine Gartenstr. 15, D-32051 Herford, Germany

Contact e-mail: Mr. Andreas Krueger

Annandale United Methodist Church
- in Northern Virginia has organized in 1991 a Belarusian Children of Chernobyl Program : brings children from the Chernobyl crescent each summer to spend six weeks away from radiation with American families.

Address: Annandale United Methodist Church, 6935 Columbia Pike,Annandale VA 22003, USA

Contact: Judy Canyock, 9120 Lime Court, Fairfax VA 22032 (
Mary Peters, 7427 Add Drive, Falls Church VA 22042 (

Un Sorriso per Chernobyl (Smile for Chernobyl Children)
- since 1994, this Italian no-profit organization, hosted more than1000 children from Belarus by Italian families in Piedmont (North Italy) for 1/2 months. Every 6 months, Smile fund organizes a humanitarian convoy of 6- 8 trucks from Biella to South Belarus to bring a lot of humanitarian help and medical instruments to the villages of Rovenskaya Sloboba and Babichi (near Rechitza).

The contact address: Davide Barazzotto, President "Un Sorriso per Chernobyl", Via Trossi 9, 13069 Vigliano, Biella, Italy; Phone: +39-15-811- 811; Fax: +39-15-811- 838; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Bedford Link
- is an English charity organization helping belarusian children to fight their radioactive surrounding . They bring children from Belarus to Bedfordshire, England, for a one month stay. The organization is looking for help, funding and advice in their area. It is a part of a nation wide organization - Chernobyl Children Life Line.

Contact address: Chernobyl Children Lifeline, 4, Eastwood Cottages, Manor Road, Kempston Hardwick, Bedford. MK43 9NS, UK; e-mail contact: Deane & Irina (

For the Children of the World
- For the Children of the World is based in Renton, Washington and recruits families from throughout the Pacific Northwest to host Belarusian children there for 6 weeks each summer on health respite.  The organization works with the fund Hope for the Future in Minsk to accomplish this task.  This is their 9th year organizing such trips.  In June 2004, 50 children from Belarus and 4 translators will land at Sea-Tac International Airport to begin another great summer adventure.

Contact address: Elizabeth Tennison, President, For the Children, PO Box 58694, Renton, WA, 98058.or e-mail at (  

Lions Clubs
- several Lions Clubs have been established in Belarus with their sponsors in Norway, Germany and Denmark. The members of these clubs are helping Belarusians to fight their horrible radioactive inheritance. Please visit their homepage in Norway to find out more.

Contact address: Einar Lyngar, Coordinator, 2390 Moelv, Norway; e-mail contact: Mr. Lorin Yeaton (

Camps for Children of Chernobyl
- is a nonprofit charitable organization serving children, families and communities from the Chernobyl region. Children with cancer are brought to the United States, England or Ireland to participate in a cancer camp for children, live with host families and receive medical and dental care. Humanitarian aid, medicines, medical supplies and vitamins are also sent to the children’s’ families, hospitals and orphanages. A summer camp is also hosted in Russia and Ukraine.

Contact information: Beverly Lee, PO Box 99404, Louisville, KY 40269 USA. Ph.: 502/297-8370; Fax: 502/297-8371; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children Life Line
- is a British charity organization (England Charity reg:1014274). British charity "Chernobyl Children Life Line" is a nation-wide organization coordinated by the founder and chairman, Victor Mizzi. It had originally over 100 "Links" ie. local groups affiliated to Chernobyl Children Lifeline, of which the only two - Bedford and Derby links are listed mentioned in this list. Altogether over 2000 children are brought to the UK each year, as a result of Victor's initiative..It looks though that most of them have formed a different charity - 

Contact address: Chairman: V.F.Mizzi, Chernobyl Children Life Line, Courts 61 Petworth Road, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3AX England; CCLL HQ Tel - 01428 642523, Fax - 01428 651642; e-mail contact: Victor Mizzi

Chernobyl Childrens Life Line
- is a British charity. The web site is a common place for all links of the Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline. There are now some 140 links (or groups) spread across the UK, offering help and support to Belarusian children affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. If you can help in any way, contact the link closest to you, whether you can host a child or donate time or money, every little support collectively adds to support we can give. See for details.

Contact: on-line contact form of CCLL

Vlamingen Helpen Tjsernobylkinderen VZW
- is a Belgian Chernobyl helping organization. They bring belarusian children exposed to radiation for rehabilitation to their r/a contamination-free country.

Contact address: Vlamingen helpen Tsjernobylkinderen V.Z.W., Warandestraat 20, 8640 Vleteren; Tel & fax : 00-32-57423615 e-mail : or Dr. Rik Vercruysse (

Catalonian organization
- is a Chernobyl helping organization in Catalonia, Spain. This year 56 belarusian children has been recovering in a village of Masquefa there.

e-mail contact: Mr. Josep Olivella

Children of Chernobyl
- is an American organization located in Houston, Texas. It is a group of concerned people who want to bring some relief - medical, economic, and nutritional - to a group of children who are caught in a 20th century disaster. Working with For the Children of Chernobyl, a Minsk based aid group, they place at-risk children with host families in Houston for six weeks during summer. While in Houston, they receive medical evaluation and care, dental care, and are provided with an extended period of time away from their contaminated environment. They return to Belarus stronger, healthier, and with the realization that their lives can improve.

Contact: Ms. Era Buck, President 281/550-6608; E-mail: or Ms. Julie Herman 281/376-2697

O.K.I.N. (Opvang Kinderen In Nood)
- is a Chernobyl helping organization in Sint-Truiden, Belgium. You can visit their website to see current charity activities.

Contact: O.K.I.N., p.a. Mr. Ruyloft Willy, Metserenweg 31, B3803 Sint-Truiden; ph.: 32-11-682515 and e-mail contact person is Mr. Mesens Robert, phone 32-16-698083

Association Les Enfants de Tchernobyl
- is a French Chernobyl relief organization. They are helping Chernobyl children affected by radioactive contamination.

Contact: Les Enfants de Tchernobyl, 110 bis avenue d'Italie, F-75013 Paris, France; Tél : +33 (0)1 45 89 20 06; Fax : +33 (0)1 45 80 24 15; E- mail contact:

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl
- is a non-profit, non-governmental charity organized to aid the victims of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. - particularly the children. Canadian Aid for Chernobyl does this through four programs: Children Visits; Medical Aid program; Orphanage supply program; Vitamin program. CAC has delivered 96 containers and over 25 million dollars in aid since 1998, making it the 3rd largest aid organization working in Belarus.

Contact: President Mr. Tom Shaw; Communication Director Mr. Eric McKenzie. P.O. Box 244
Brockville, ON, K6V 5V5

Chernobyl Kids
- is a  Swedish community that have started the relief work during the summer of 1998 when a group of 26 Belarusian children from Iwenets region (60 km sw of Minsk) stayed in their community for three weeks..

Contact: Mr. Stig Strandberg, e- mail contact:

The Friends of Chernobyl's Children Clitheroe
- a British voluntary group and a registered charity (#1049689) based in Clitheroe in the North-West of England, dedicated to bringing a group of affected by radiation children from Mogilev to the UK every year.

Contact: Heather Whittaker e-mail:

Medicine and Chernobyl - Blyth
- is a English branch of the charity based in Minsk. This organization brings children out of an orphanage in the contaminated region for one month each year. They also send out medical and educational aid and have frequently visited Minsk, Mogilev and Mtsislavl

Contact: Mr. Brian Seddon, 21 Wellesley School, Links Road, Blyth, UK NE24 3PF

HOST vzw: Hulp door Opvang van en Steun aan

- is a charity organization in Sint-Truiden, Belgium, helping children victims of the Chernobyl disaster.

Contact: Mr. Bernard Rodeyns, Schepen Dejonghstraat 34, B-3800 SINT-TRUIDEN
Tel: +32 11 692224; Fax: +32 11 696794; E-mail:

Belarusian Republican Fund "Together to a Better Future"
- is a Belarusian organization working with International charity organizations for the past 7 years and helping kids from Homel area.

Contact address: Mr. Sergei Stankevich, Tikockogo st.34-2, 220119 Minsk, Belarus
ph/fax:375-17-263-7632; 375-17-263-3838. E-mail:

- is a charity organization from Central Scotland, Charity No: SCO20917. Buskit members send aid by truck once a year too "Children in Trouble" in Minsk, Belarus

Contact address is: Mr. Alan Wardrop 27 Ramsay Tullis Drive, Tullibody, Clacks, FK10 2UD, UK; ph.: +44 1259 722793; Fax: (+44) 1259 722793; E-mail:

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Derby Link
-  This British charity  is a part of Chernobyl Children Life Line.- a nation-wide organization consisting of 100 links. 21 children have just returned to Belarus from the Derby Link and there are neighboring Links in Nottingham, Ashbourne, Pinxton and Loughborough..

Contact address: Chernobyl Children Lifeline, Derby Link. Mr. Peter Williams e-mail:

Chernobyl Children Project USA
- Established in 1995, this American project  is directed and staffed by volunteers from the greater Boston area who seek to help the people of the Chernobyl area by means of aid, medical
assistance, education, and caring..

Contact: 75 McNeil Way, Suite 305, Dedham, MA 02026, USA. Ph.: 781/251-0137; Fax: 781-251-9175; email:

Trace of Chernobyl
- is Belarusian non-profit non-government charity organization helping
victims of Chernobyl and people, especially children from contaminated areas of
Gomel and its Region. The organization works with people in emergency situations,Children's Homes and Orphanages. They have warehouses and room for keeping humanitarian aid and eqiupment, for loading and unloading. They are licenced for humanitarian work and recuperation
of children outside Belarus

Contact: Mrs.Raisa Strogovets,12 Katununa Str.,Gomel 246017 Belarus; Tel\fax: 375 232 720 515, E-mail:

Bel-Aid Scotland
- working on behalf of the victims of Chernobyl  This registered Scottish charity was established in 1994 to provide medical aid to the victims of the Chernobyl disaster. Their convoys carry aid to children's and old people's orphanages and they host groups of children and their carers in Scotland each year. Bel-Aid Scotland is developing self help groups and seeks support from like minded people.

Contact address: The Hon Mrs R Lesley Melville, Little Deuchar, Fern, Forfar, Angus, Scotland DD8 3RA, UK; Tel/Fax +44 1356 650279; e-mail:

Accueil Tchernobyl asbl
- association is Belgian association located in French-speaking region.
It is devoted to hosting of the children - victims of Chernobyl. Visit their Internet sites (currently in French language only):

Contact address: Mr. Eric Mortier, 97 rue de la Garenne, 7608 Wiers, Belgium. Tel +32-69-772483; Fax +32-69-771578; e- mail :

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Loughborough Link
- This local organisation is part of the Chernobyl Children Life Line. This is
a group of volunteers who raise money and provide holidays for children from
Belarus who have been affected by the Chernobyl accident. The group is
currently working hard to prepare for a visit during August 2000.

Contact address: Loughborough, UK; e-mail:

Aiutiamoli A Vivere (Let's help them living)
- this charity organization in Italy is giving hospitality to belarusian children:

Address: Via Podgora 12 * I - 05100 TERNI, Italy; e-mail:
Belarusian office address: 4 Chicherina st. MINSK, Belarus.

Association Belgo-Biélorusse pour les Enfants de Tchernobyl - A.S.B.L
- Association Belgium-Belarus for Children of Chernobyl - A.S.B.L.
BEL-A.S.B.L. This association is a new Belgian Chernobyl helping organization created in November 1999. It's located in French-speaking region. It received Belarus children from Gomel and Klimovitchi in summer for one month. These chlidren go for a sojourn into a Belgium family to improve health.

Contact address: BEL-A.S.B.L., rue Marache 16, B-5031 GRAND-LEEZ, BELGIUM; phone and fax : 00-32-81-640729
Email : or

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Shrewsbury Link
- This is a small link from the main organization Chernobyl Children Lifeline in UK.
Folks there bring over 10 -15 children each summer to their lovely county to stay for a month.
All their families care for the children with no financial support. The money is raised all year round, rummage sales dances etc goes towards the child's airfare.

Contact address: Chairperson Jane Elliott, Shrewsbury, UK; e-mail:

Christ Episcopal Church Children of Chernobyl
- is a Chernobyl charity in Alexandria, Virginia (USA). It was founded in 1992 by parishioner Joe Bailey as a ministry “To help the people, especially the children, of Belarus affected by the radiation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.” A cornerstone of the program is to provide recuperative visits in the U.S. for the Belarusian
children affected by radioactive fallout. Objectives of the Christ Church Children of Chernobyl ministry are to:
1) Offer a happy, safe, and nurturing environment for the bodies, minds, and spirits of the children whose families seek greater hope for the future. 2) Share the spiritual and material wealth of our community with the Belarusian community. 3) Work together with other churches and groups in a common cause of helping others in Belarus.

Contact address: Christ Episcopal Church, 118 N. Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314; Ph.: 703/549-1450; e-mail:; Glen Hewitt -; Lou Codega -

Freundeskreis Tschernobyl
- is a German relief organization, located in the noth of Hamburg. Every year - since 1993 - a group of 25 children from an orphanage in Retschitza (Gomel) visits Hasloh for environmerntal retreat.
Furthermore they collect money to transport different things - food, clothes and medicine - to the area of Chernobyl. Their homepage shows entire organization, the orphanage, Gomel and the Chernobyl-area. It has information about Belarus and news of the group activities. At the moment just in German.

Contact address: Peter KrÆger, 25474 Hasloh Tel.: +49 04106 2848 or Raimund Schmid, 25474 Hasloh, Tel.: +49 04106 5417; e-mail:

Hull & East Riding Friends of Chernobyl's Childrens Charity
- Bringing victims of the Chernobyl disaster to England for 1 month's respite care,every 12 months, for
five consecutive years. Children aged between 7-12 years. Daily vitamins are provided to boost their
immune systems.

Contact address : Jill Quarmby, The Laurels, Ruston Parva Driffield YO25 4DG; Tel: 01377-254461; e-mail: 
Tim Quarmby

Children of Chernobyl (Missouri Chapter)
- is the Missouri Chapter of Chernobyl United States Charitable Fund based in Youngstown, Ohio. This year the Missouri Chapter hosted 7 children and interpreter for a recovery vacation..

Contact address: Jerry Pearson 207 W. Washington, Owensville, Missouri 65066, USA. E-mail: Joe Knable or Jerry Pearson

esp.gif (734 bytes) A Cultural Association of Help to Belarusian Children
- is Spanish charity helping Belarusian children - victims of Chernobyl radioactive catastrophy to fight the radiation induced health problems.

Contact address: Christ of the Light nº3 C.P 45003 Toledo Spain. Tel.: 34-925-376112; 34-925-353012; E-mail: Chairman Mr. Ildefonso Utrilla , Fund's secretary

Chernobyl Children Life Line, West Norfolk Link
- This is a link from the main organisation Chernobyl Children Lifeline in UK.The West Norfolk Link of the Chernobyl Children Life Line was formed in March 2000. It is based in the picturesque Nar Valley area of West Norfolk in England. The aim of organization is to raise sufficient funds locally to host at least one group of ten children and their leader from the Republic of Belarus each year.

Contact address: Chernobyl Children Life Line, West Norfolk Link, PO Box 1027, Narborough, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 1FH; Tel.: 01760 337773; E-mail: ; Chairman Mr. Dick Coleman

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Burtonwood  Link
- This is a link from the main organisation Chernobyl Children Lifeline in UK. Folks from Burtonwood have brought children to their village four times - twice from Mogilev, once from Gomel, and once from somewhere else.

Contact address: e-mail: Chairman Mr. Ben Pickersgill; Mr. Russ Naylor

Leaves of Hope
- is a small, Welsh based, charity ( reg. #1077872) formed in May 1999 and their work is centred in Unit 5 of the Novinki Orphanage. The Novinki State Boarding School, as it is more properly known, is situated in the outskirts of Minsk, the capital city of Belarus. It is home to some 220 children aged between 4 and 26 who suffer from varying degrees of mental and physical disabilities - from the severely handicapped to those simply suffering from the natural result of institutionalisation.

Contact address: e-mail: Mr. Ivor Cox

Chernobyl Children Life Line, Red Rose Link
- This is a link from the main organisation Chernobyl Children Lifeline in UK. Red Rose Link is a charitable organisation based in the Lancashire area. It's primary goal is hosting of children from Belarus suffering from the after effects of the Chernobyl disaster.

Contact address: e-mail: Secretary Mr. Mel Aaron

esp.gif (734 bytes) Federación de ONGs familias solidarias
- is Spanish organization hosting Belarusian children from Mogilev area for recovery from the effects of radioactive contamination of environment on their health.

Contact address: C.ra Castellar km 20,300 Terrassa - Espana; Tel.:  +34 937 870119, +34 937 870340; e-mail: or Mr. Josep Campos Rius 

Pax Christi Kinderhulp (PCK)
- is a Dutch organization founded in 1961. This organization helps children around the World. In 1998 they brought 120 children from Mogilev for recovery (7 weeks) in the city of Arnhem; including going school. In the year 2000 there were 48 children in the town of Arnhem for 6 weeks (1 sept. till 13 oct.). They have had a wunderfull time.

Contact address: Pax Christi Kinderhulp; part Poland and Belarus, chairman: Jan M.H. Jongen, Woudhuizerallee 12, 7325 ZP Apeldoorn, Holland; tel. 0031 55 3601512; fax 0031 55 3602434; mob 06 22493797; e-mail:

Quinte's Children of Chernobyl
- is a non-profit, charitable organization, formed in 1998 to provide medical and humanitarian aid to the children of Belarus and Ukraine. Our objective is to bring children from the contaminated areas for an eight week summer respite in the Quinte area

Contact address: Brenda Vader 273 Franham Rd. R. R. # 5 Belleville Ont. Canada K8N 4Z4; e-mail: or

Pomogi Sebe Sam ("Get Help On Your Own")
- is Belarusian Non-Government CitizenAssociation uniting handicapped "liquidators" - mostly medical doctors - who have participated in the containment operation of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster. They are looking for the contacts with similar Western associations for an exchange of knowledge and experience. Their main purpose is getting assistance in diagnosis and cure to their colleagues and themselves from the injuries occured during Chernobyl Disaster Containment.

Contact address: Taisia Stasiukevich, M.D., mikr. "Molodjozny" d. 84, 247400 Svietlahorsk, Homielskaja voblasc', Belarus; Tel. (Svietlahorsk) 2-13-82; e-mail:

Children of Chernobyl, U.S. Alliance
- CofCUSA is a national organization that provides support services to both new and existing community groups in the U.S. who provide significant support to those in the Chernobyl region in one or more of the following ways: 1) providing health recuperation respites for children; 2) facilitating and/or providing medical support services; 3) coordinating efforts to provide humanitarian aid for orphanages, hospitals, community centers; 4) providing for children with serious medical needs; and, 5) making connections for friendship, global awareness and educational exchanges.

Contact address: Ms. Cecelia (Cec) Calhoun, President, Children of Chernobyl, U.S. Alliance, P.O.Box 213, Ellensburg, WA 98926; e-mail:

esp.gif (734 bytes) Fundación Herencia de Chernobil
- is a Spanish charity founded in March 1997. Fundacion Herencia de Chernobil helps Belarusian children affected by Chernobyl radioactive catastrophy to fight the radiation induced health problems.

Contact address: Apdo. de correos 412, 18690 Almuñécar, Granada, España. Tel.: +34 958 63 90 11; Fax:
+34 958 63 91 36; e-mail:

The Friends of the Children of Chernobyl
- is a registered Irish charity, which has been active in Belarus since 1992. During that time they have
brought a lot of children from Belarus to Ireland, mainly from the Pinsk region.

Contact address: Mr. Myles O'Brien, Mylan Cottage, Caragh Lake, Co. Kerry, Rep. of Ireland. Ph.: + 066 - 9769147; e-mail:

esp.gif (734 bytes) Asociaciyn Pro Ninos Del Mundo De Alcorcyn
- is a Spanish charity that helps Belarusian kids affected by Chernobyl radiation.

Contact: Asociaciyn Pro Ninos Del Mundo De Alcorcyn, Pza. Principes de Espana s/n (Iglesia), Apartado de Correos 2065, 28924, Alcorcyn, Madrid, Spain; Ph.: 91-804-5218; e-mail:

Medicine & Chernobyl
-  is a UK Chernobyl charity helping Belarus since 1992. It has groups in Lancashire, Merseyside, Greater Manchester, Derbyshire, Norfolk, Essex, Oxfordshire.

Contact: Medicine & Chernobyl, c/o 123 Rivington Drive, Burscough, Lancashire. UK. L40 7RW; Tel/Fax 01704 894757; e-mail contact: P.A.Gudgeon (secretary)

Stichting Rusland Kinderhulp
- is a Dutch organization founded in 1993. They have more than 20 branches and give support to more than twenty other branches in Netherlands. The activities of Stichting Rusland Kinderhulp range from bringing Belarusian kids to Netherlands to actively going to Belarus and conducting several agricultural projects with schools, rebuilding internat schools for abandoned children, building a plant for handicapped persons in Gomel,

Contact: Cor-Hein Slobbe, Emminkhuizen 27, 334 BE Zwijndr Netherlands; Tel.: 078-6106561; e-mail info@ruslandkinderhulp

Navapolacak. Chernobyl - Help
- is a Belarusian NGO (license #784, issued on 07/13/00). This Chernobyl charity in Navapolacak, Belarus, is looking for cooperation with other Chernobyl charities around the World.

Contact: President Peter Luzgin, "Navapolacak. Chernobyl-Help", Parkavaia vul. 1, Suite 1, Navapolacak 211440, Belarus; Tel.: (8-0214) 55-32-48, FAX: (8-0214) 52-15-88; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children Life Line. Lanarkshire Linke
- is a Scottish link of the Chernobyl Children Life Line in the UK. They are called the LANARKSHIRE LINK. In 2001, their first year, Lanarkshire Link brought 16 children and 2 interpreters. They hope to grow bigger each year!

Contact: email:

Recovery for Chernobyl Children
- is a Canadian charity based in Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a small group committed to helping young victims of
Chernobyl and their families. Their goal is to bring children to Nova Scotia for a summer respite, and to educate others about
the devastating effects that will linger for countless generations. This charity is in partnership with "Hope for the Future" in Minsk, Belarus.

Contact: Joanne Fraser

Chernobyl Children Life Line. Dunfermline/West Fife Linke
- is a Scottish group bringing children to Fife area for one month's health break. They are part of UK-wide Chernobyl Children Life Line umbrella charity organization.

Contact e-mail:

Camps for Children of Chernobyl UK
-  is a UK charity which is a part of Camps For Children Of Chernobyl In the USA.   This branch is now a UK registered Charity Camps For Childen of Chernobyl UK Reg No 1085492. Their mission is the same as in USA branch - to bring children from Belarusian areas contaminated by radioactive dust for recuperation. They also work in Ukraine and Western Russia as part of their Charitable work and also help the families.

Contact: Dave Chatfield UK Director , 121 Hinton Road Hereford HR2 6BN, UK; Phone: 01432 357517;  e-mail

Italian Chernobyl Charity in Napoli
-was started by a group of Italian families in 1996 in Napoli. They are bringing Belarusian children from radiation affected areas for recovery.

Contact: Mr. Enrico Conte, e-mail

Comitato per L'Accoglienza dei Bambini di Chernobyl
- Italian charity organization helping Belarusian children in Zhlobin area, Gomel voblast:

Contact address:  OSCAR35@SUPEREVA.IT

Chernobyl Children Support Mission
- is a new charity in Holland working now for 2 years, bringing children to Holland from all over Belarus. They have children staying in Dutch, English, American and German families living in Holland. They also send humanitairian aid to Minsk

Contact: Chairman Mrs.J Kendall

Stichting Hulp Tsjernobylkinderen Lelystad (Foundation Help Chernobyl Children Lelystad)
-  is a Dutch organization founded in 1998. They invite a groups of children from Klimovichi area (Mahilyow voblast;) to stay in the Lelystad area. Since 1996, every year several guest parents re-invite their guest children during the summer holidays. Besides, the Foundation supports Klimovichi local actions for the elderly, for schools and for a church (all with help of churches in Lelystad and other friendly organizations).

Contact: Stichting Hulp Tsjernobylkinderen Lelystad, Ria Kodde, Langevelderslag 64, 8223 PE Lelystad; Ph.: +31 320 242 361; e-mail:

Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus
- is a Canadian charity based in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia. They bring children to Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey, and North
Vancouver for a 6 week health respite during the summer.

Contact: CRFCVB, Fraser Valley Group 9b3, British Columbia, Canada; Ph.: (604) 794-5920; e-mail:

Canadian Friends of Chernobyl's Children
- is a Canadian charity in Elmira Ontario Canada. For the past 8 years they have been bringing children from Belarus for a respite from the radiation. While here, they are seen by doctors, dentists and optometrists.

Contact: CFCC, 14 Queen Street, Elmira, Ontario N3B 1S8: Ph.:  (519)669-8815; e-mail:

Chernobyl Childline Appeal
-  is a UK charity hosting Belarusian children from Asipovichy district, Mogilev voblast'.for recovery in non-contaminated with radioactivity area.


Chernobyl Children Appeal (NI) Ltd.
- is the largest Chernobyl charity in Northern Ireland, established in 1994. CCA has also established links with several hospitals within Belarus/ Ukraine and in N. Ireland who inform the Office on how to best provide medical assistance. This relationship has lead to on-site cross-training exchanges, an expansion of CCA’s Medical Exchange Programme for Belarusian doctors in the U.K. which has been in place since 1995.

Contact address: 44a Church St., Ballymena, Co. Antrim, BT 43 6DF; Ph.: 02825 632767; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children's Ministry
- is American charity which has been active in the program by bringing children over to the Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga, TN area for the past ten years. Their sponsors include Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church and many volunteers who work to make this program a success for respite care and medical and dental treatment.

Contact: Co-chairs Kathy Wilton and Eve Soltau e-mail:

Stichting Weeskinderen Zhlobin`
(Foundation for Orphans Zhlobin)

- is a Dutch charity foundation helping the Global Boarding school and Children`s hospital in Zhlobin, Gomel Voblasc' for over ten years now. You can read in their website about the work of `Stichting Weeskinderen Zhlobin`(Foundation for Orphans Zhlobin) in this school for almost 300 children.

Contact:  Mr. Norbert Ruiter, Public Relations Foundation

Barna Chernobyl Group
- is an Irish charity working in Belarus since 1995. They bring children to Galway and bring medicines and money to the children and their families in Belarus. They work mainly in Lida, but also Brest, Minsk, Stolin and Zhlobin..

Contact address: BARNA CHERNOBYL GROUP, BARNA, CO. GALWAY, IRELAND; e-mail chairperson Paula Kerr:

Eclaireurs et Eclaireuses Sans Frontieres
-Old scouts of Luxembourg help the Regional Hospital in Dziatlava / Hrodna Region with all sorts of medicaments, vitamins, clinical furniture (clinical beds, apparatus etc.). They have financed a girl's cancer operation in Munich in 2000, as well as a dental surgical intervention in 2003 on a cerebral-spastical handicapted boy of 17 years. They  organize yearly 2 humanitarian convoys to that Regional Hospital of Dziatlava, with medicaments they get from the Pharmaciens sans Frontières.

Contact address: ECLAIREURS ET ECLAIREUSES SANS FRONTIERES, c/o KIEWERLECKEN a.s.b.l, p.a. Alfred GUILLON, 48, rue de StrassenL-8094 BERTRANGE / Luxembourg; Tél: 00352 31 98 02: Fax: 00352 318 311;

Associazione Garda Solidale O.N.L.U.S.
- is an Italian Chernobyl Charity organization, that brings children affected by Chernobyl radiation from Homel' region for vacations and recuperation in Italy. They place Belarusian kids to live in Italian families. 

Contact address: Viale Michelangelo 65,  Desenzano del Garda (BS) 25015; Tel.  0309912274 - 0309141009 - Fax  0309158587 - 03075731179; Tel. Sede Bielorussa - 00375-297 - 615424. On-line contact.

Progetto Humus
- is an Italian Chernobyl Charity organization, Their web site is one of the most important Italian portals about Chernobyl and nuclear. It  is an open source on the topics about nuclear, Chernobyl and international cooperation. There are some English translated parts but most is in Italian/Russian. The photographs and children drawings in this page have been taken from the pages of Progetto Humus.

Contact address: Massimo Bonfatti

Chernobyl Children's Project, Clonmel
- is an Irish initiative, in association with Tipp fm Radio it is organizing the Clonmel National Song Contest 2004. The Clonmel National Song Contest is now in its second year. It was very successful in 2003 with a high standard throughout the competition. With the largest prize fund for a competition of its kind in the country 2004 will be no different. The Chernobyl Children's Project is a most deserving cause and appreciates the work done by musicians through the World.

Contact address: Chernobyl Children’s Project, 2 Camden Place, Camden Quay, Cork, Ireland 

Patrimoine sans Frontières
- is a French Chernobyl relief organization, which currently leads actions in Brahin, Slauharad, Charchersk and Stolin with schools, in relation with the creation and helping the people for conserving the memory of lost villages (it was their demands).

Contact address: Guillaume Kasperski, Délégué Général
, Patrimoine sans Frontières, 61 rue François Truffaut, 75012 Paris, France; Tél.: (33-1) 40 02 05 90; Fax : (33-1) 40 02 05 91; Email:

Belarus' Children of Chernobyl
- is a Canadian Charity, which provides respite care and humanitarian aid to the children of Belarus focusing on the Brest region.

Contacts: Pamela Ellens, President (tel.: (905) 328-1614), Dean Allison, Treasurer/Secretary (Tel.: (905) 933-3326), Arby Arbuckle, Vice President (tel.: (905) 563-3367), Dan Reininga, Director (telephone (716) 410-1612); Contact e-mail:

Chernobyl Children's Project (UK)
started in 1995 it is currently supporting children with cancer – through purchase of medicines and hospice care – and improving the lives of children with special needs . They support associations of families with disabled children; and have recently set up the first Respite Care Centre in Belarus. Family Home 2000 was established as a small home for young adults with physical disabilities and Rodny Kut is a family home for young children with special needs who came from Zhuravichi. CCP(UK) (not part of Chernobyl Children's Project International) also organize many educational exchange visits of doctors, teachers and social workers, and have carried out a major training programme which has helped to get more children from orphanages fostered into local families.

Contact address: Chernobyl Children's Project (UK)     +44 1457 863534 /862112  Linda Walker, National Co-ordinator                           

Tschernobyl-Initiative in der Propstei Scho[[enstedt e.V.
- is a Gerna Chernobyl charity. It was found in 1994 with the goal to help people in Belarus, who suffer from the Disaster of Chernobyl, and to inform German people about the disaster.

Contact address: Tschernobyl-Initative in der Propstei Schoeppenstedt e.V., Irene und Paul Koch, Hauptstr. 34, 38170 Uehrde/Watzum, Germany; Tel.:(0 53 32) 62 26, Fax: (0 53 32) 62 05; email:

The East Bristol link of Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline
- The East Bristol link of Chernobyl Childrens Lifeline was set up in 1996promarily to provide respite care for Belarusian children suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. They are constantly in search of new families that can host the children for a period of 2 or 4 weeks, usually in the summer. If you live on the East side of Bristol and are interested, please contact them at:

Contact: email; web site:

Trust for Chernobyl Children (Kent and Surrey) 
- is a small registered American charity offering respite holidays to groups of children from Belarus. They have participated in small projects in Belarus and sent Christmas Shoeboxes to children in Belarusian orphanages and hospitals..

Contact: Yvonne Burdge email:

Greater London SW Scout Network
- is a British scout organization that does charitable acts in Belarus. Members of Network aged 18-25 traveled
to Belarus in July 2004 to construct an adventure playground at a boarding school at Radun (near Lida). They also took a
van-full of humanitarian aid - clothes, toys, and educational materials. Phase 2 of the Project will involve providing medical kit to a children's hospital in Minsk.

Contact:: Chris Dean e-mail

Children of Chernobyl Walla Walla 
- is an American charity started in 2004.They bring Belarusian kids to Washington state for 6-weeks recuperation from radiation contaminated environment. 

Contact address: Children of Chernobyl Walla Walla Chapter, 213 W. Richmond Avenue, Dayton, Washington 99328; Tel.: 509-382-1236; e-mail:

Stichting Toekomst  (Engl: Foundation 'Future').
- is a Dutch organization helping children and youth in the Stolin Region (Bresckaja vobl.). They work near the Ukrainian border, in the city Stolin and the little villages around it, like Retsitsia and Terebeshov. They help schools with good materials and set up projects together. E.g. in 2005 they implemented a new computer class in School No 2 in Stolin, which is open for the children of the school, but also - after school time - for others, like children's parents and neighbours of the school; now they work on a project to finance and realize new sports and fitness class, also in Stolin. Youth is a countries future!

Contact address: E-mail

Associazione La Rondine
- is Italian charity, that provides social and humanitarian aid, organizing recreation programs in Italy for children  from families living in the radiation-affected areas or families being resettled and establishing and implementing social and youth programs involving the Belarusian public. Associone La Rondine is a permanent member of The International Council for the Future of the Children of Chernobyl.

Contact address: President: Sergio Bollini, Via Mozart, 20, 20021 Bollate (MI), Italy; Phone: +39 02 33300735; Fax: +39 02 33300735; e-mail:

Children of Chernobyl Foundation, San Diego 
- is an all-volunteer, non profit organization that brings 20-25 children to San Diego each summer for health respites. These children come from the Mozyr region of Belarus, which is about 1 hour from the Chernobyl nuclear plant. Our source of funding is primarily the sales of children's artwork, which is donated by talented artists from the School of Art in Minsk, Belarus. CofCF also depends on private and corporate donations. Local businesses such as Pageant of the Masters, Sea World, Legoland, The San Diego Zoo, and the Wave Waterpark support their project by offering free admission to their young visitors and host families.

Contact address: President: Patricia Lundeberg, MD, P.O. Box 721184,  San Diego CA  92172-1184; Phone 858-780-8731; Email:

Chernobyl Children's Life Line Dundee and Angus
- is a charity organization in Scotland. Host families in Dundee and Angus take two children for one month in the Summer and/or one month over Christmas and the New year. Good food, good air, good optical, dental and medical, care is said to add at least two years to their lives.

Contact address: Contact Mr. Graeme Robbie Tel:- 07880553928 or Mrs Kathleen Robbie (Chairperson) Tel:- 07760177706 or Mrs Shona Fairweather Tel:- 07711634913; ee-mail:

Burren Chernobyl Project
- is an Irish charity established in 1993 to help with the child victims of the fallout from the Chernobyl reactor explosion.  Many projects have been carried out to assist the children and their families who are enduring the effects of exposure to radiation and the other social and economic problems facing them in Belarus.

Contact address: The Burren Chernobyl Project, The Monastery, Ennistymon, Co. Clare, Ireland; tel.: +353 65 7071130; e-mail:

Chernobyl Children Lifeline - North Pembrokeshire Link 
- is one of the many  links to Chernobyl Children Lifeline. It was started in 2002 and operates in North Pembrokeshire, UK  They started bringing children affected by Chernobyl disaster from Belarus to UK for recuperation in 2003. All their activities can be viewed on the website. Judging by the pictures it involves a lot of water sports - kayaking, surfing, but also hiking in the local woods.

Contact:: Mr. Bryon Alabaster, Parc Gwyn Bach, Dinas Cross, Newport SA42 0XL, UK;  Tel.: 01348 811325; e-mail:

SAM Chernobyl Relief 
- is a Scottish Chernobyl Charity. Along with other charities, SAM Chernobyl Relief seeks to get alongside the people of Belarus to encourage and help in any ways we can to make life a bit more bearable for the people we meet. SAM is a Christian Charity seeking to show the love of God in word and action. Their motto is "Encourage one another and build each other up". (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

Contact address: Colin & Cindy Mackenzie, 39 McLaren Drive, Bellshill, Scotland, ML4 2FB; Tel: 01698 849417; email: chernobylsam [ @ ] 

Global Family Alliance 
-  is a U.S. Christian charity that seeks to improve the health of children effected by Chernobyl.   Children are brought to the U.S. for a 6 week health respite and share the homes and hearts of host families in the Northwest, mostly Washington State.  Our purpose is to give the children’s bodies a break from the radiation of Chernobyl, to provide lots of healthful food, dental work, vision screening and glasses if needed.  Most important, the families here try to give the children lots of love and hope for the future.  We have been inviting children to join our summer recuperation program since 2003. 

Contact info: President-Sherry Smith, PO Box 27  Carlsborg, WA 98362; Ph.: 360-452-7977; E-mail

- is a Belgian Chernobyl helping organization. They offer a health holiday of one of two months in summer time to Belarusian children exposed to radiation in their contaminated-free country. 

Contact address: Een Hart voor Tsjernobyl-Kinderen vzw Elsbosken 1, B-2547 Lint Belgium Tel 0032(0)34558695 e-mail 


Chernobyl Children's Project International 
-  is one of the most successful US Chernobyl charities. They are super creative in collecting funds for their activity - from CD releases by renown electronica star to the race horses wins on race tracks. Their enthusiasm and creativity are truly admirable. And all of these is being converted into a lot of help to Belarusian kids. This is a branch of a famous Irish charity of Ms. Adi Roche. In fact Ms. Adi Roche is  Founder & International Executive Director of CCPI.

Contact info: Chernobyl Children's Project International, 217 East 86th Street, P MB #275, New York, NY 10028; e-mail:

The information shown below was extracted from the list of Chernobyl charities which participated in Chernobyl Year 2000 congress in Italy (with permission of Mr. D. Barazotto). You can find more information in the related Chernobyl site from Italy

Les Enfants de Chernobyl

36 Rue Great - 1450 Cortil Noirmont - Belgium +32 81 601497 +32 81 601497  Nina Stein

Independent Children’s Aid

Moskovskaya st. 18 - 220001 Minsk (Belarus) +375 172 263636 +375 172 228003 Tatiana Kot

Insieme per un Futuro Migliore

Tikotskogo st. 34-2 - Minsk 220119 +375 172 633838 +375 172 637632 sse@ifm.belpak.minsk. by Sergei Stankievich

Canadian Aid for Chernobyl

PObox 1814 - Brockville ON +1 6133420810 +1 6133421634  Mary Preston

Ottawa Valley Aid for Chernobyl Children

Box 1024, Richmond, ON, Canada K0A 2Z0 +1 613 838-2316 +1 613 838-5187  Krista A.Lake

RTSI Svizzera

6903 Lugano +41 91 9453546 +41 91 9453546   Vladimir Tchertkoff

esp.gif (734 bytes) Ajuntamento de Masquefa  


esp.gif (734 bytes) Ass. Torrena 


esp.gif (734 bytes) Atletic Terrassa H.C.

C.ra Castellar km 20,300 Terrassa - Espana +34 937 870119 +34 937 870340  Josep Campos Rius

esp.gif (734 bytes) Consell Comarcal

Pl. Sant Miguel 5 - 08700 Igualada (Anoia) +34 938 051585 +34 938 050611 Manel Ferrer

esp.gif (734 bytes) ONG IZAKI

C/z Apartari 15 - Salvatierra (Alava) Spain +34 945 300155 945 312024
Patxi Coronel

esp.gif (734 bytes) Parroquia de la Sagrada Familia


esp.gif (734 bytes) Parroquia S.Isidro

Paseo Rollo 51 - San Isidro de Salamanca (SA) +34 923 248682 +34 923 183433  Isidoro Ramos Domingo

esp.gif (734 bytes) Parroquia S.Maria del Castillo c/ Viento 1

- 28540-Perales de Tajuña (Madrid) España
+34 91 874 80 63 +34918886294 Pascual Moya Moya

5 Continenti

64100 - Teramo 0861247510

Aiutiamoli a Crescere

Cannaiola - 06039 Trevi (Perugia) 0742-78369 0742-78369 Alessandro Benedetti

Amici del Bambino

Morbegno (Sondrio) 0341933892

Ass. Aiutiamoli a Sorridere

Via S.Giorgio 19 - Chieri (TO) 0119416290 0119416290 Gerardo Lionetti

Ass Bambini di Chernobyl ACQUALAGNA

V.le Risorgimento 16 - 61041 Acqualagna (Pesaro) 0721 798515 0721798154   Mario Marchetti

Ass. Cicogna

Via Villa Elce29/a - Lanciano (CH) 0872/ 46181 0872702332  Vittorio Salvatore

Ass. Insieme per un Futuro migliore

Via 3 Novembre 27 - Nomi (Trento) 0464 834623 0464 834623 Marilena Ferrarini

Ass. Madonna dei sette veli

Via Manzoni, 164 - 71100 Foggia 0881/740603  Michele D’Adelmo

Ass. Noi per Loro

Via V. Veneto 14 - Cameri (NO) 0321 518093 0321 517292 Anna Bagnati

Ass.Pesarese di Solidarietà

Via Cialdini (Pesaro) 0721735530 0721 34026  Daniela Valenti

Ass. San Michele Arcangelo

V.le 1°Maggio 27 - Foggia 0881637076 0881708751   Ferdinando Corvino

Ass. Senza Confini

Via Martiri del XXI Pinerolo TO 0348 7210648 0121902451 0121371133   Alessandro Santoro

Ass. V.C.O. Aiuta

Via Cappuccina 6 - Domodossola VB 0324 45298 0324 47879  Giancarlo Castellano

Associazione PUER

via G. Di Bel Monte 14 ROMA 06-5614092 06-55285370 Roberto Lai

Canelli per i bambini del mondo

Parrocchia S.Cuore - Canelli (AT) 0141 831154 0141 831154 Matteo Chiapella

Chernobyl Ceggia

Via degli Olmi 60 - 31040 Cessalto (TV) 0421 327707

Comitato Cozzo

Via Maestra 17 Cozzo (PV) 0384 74315 038474315 Haskalevitch Liudmila

Comitato Monteforte

Via De Gaspari Monteforte D’Alpone VR 0456100688 0456100688 Roberto Tosin

Comitato Monteforte d’Alpone VR

Via Dante 142 37032 Monteforte D’Alpone VR 045 6100688 045 6100688 Roberto Tosin

Comitato Suzzara

Via Marzole 47 - 46029 Suzzara (MN) 0376-531713 0376-531713 Gino Motta

Comune DI Montottone

Corso V. III 34 - 63020 Montottone (AP) 0734-775256 0734-775256

Comune di Pennabilli Montefeltro 3 - 61016 Pennabilli (Pesaro) 0541-928362 0541-928362



Fond. Aiutiamoli a Vivere Chivasso (TO)

- Via Casale 18 0119106847   Pierdomenico Bonardo

Forum p.d.b. Savona

Via Rocca di Legino 1 - 17100 Savona 019-801337 019-808268 Liliana Garzoglio

Forum per i diritti dei Bambini

Via Aminale 38 - Terni 0744 421910 432233 0744435046  P.Paolo Marconi

Genitori perAccoglienza


Girotondo Gassino Italia 86 - Gassino Torinese (TO) 0119606738 0119813312  Anna Rapalino

I have a Dream

Via Aldo Moro 38 - 71042 Cerignola (FG) 0885425758 0885425758

Il Girotondo Bolzano

Via Rismondo 8 - Bolzano 0471-287080 0471-287080 ;  Fabrizio Poli

Insieme per Chernobyl

Via Andrea Colla 41 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV) 019 502213 019 502213  Davide Corallo

L’Arca Progetto Speranza

Via C. Battisti 65 - 63021 Amandola AP 0736 848160 0736 847005 Anna Gubelli

L’Arca Servigliano

Via Bramante 11 - 63029 Servigliano (AP) 0734 710619; 0734710619;  Rossana Berini

Legambiente soldarietà

Via B. Buozzi 13 - Grosseto; 0564 22130; 0564 414948;   Massimo Bonfatti

Noi per loro Marano T.

Via del porto - Molino MARANO TICINO (NO); 0321-97445; 0321-97445;  Fagioli Mirco

Operazione Chernobyl

Rimini Via del Crocifisso 17 - Rimini; 0541 770187; 0541 770187;  Paolo Bernardi

Parrocchia di Corinaldo Viale dietro le Monache 1

- Corinaldo (AN); 071-67009; 071-67009 Don Umberto Mattioli

Parrocchia S.Emiliano Paolo Rizzo

Via Livorno F. 41 S.Antonino - 13040 Saluggia (VC); 0161-402250 Paolo Rizzo

PUER Nazionale Mazzini 8 - 00195 Roma; 06 32650323; 06 36001447;  Roberto Lai

Solidarietà per l’infanzia

S.Benedetto d.t. via de Amicis 7 0735-594632 0735-583905 Rossana Pompei

Un Sorriso per Chernobyl

Via Felice Trossi 9 - 13856 Vigliano (Biella) 015 811811 015 811888  Davide Barazzotto

Unicef delegaz.

Piemonte del Piazzo 14 BIELLA 015-23256 015-23256 Carlo Calliano

Unione Italiana Genitori Via Cavour

108 - 00184 Roma 0368 3967885 06 5122607 Donatella Poselli

Uniti per la Vita

Via Doglie 15 - Ercolano - Napoli 081 7773275 081 7773275  Nicola Florio

Valle Belbo per un mondo migliore c/o: Spedialieri Tonino

- Via Gramsci 13 - 14049 Nizza Monf. (AL) 0141 702497 0141 721620 Tonino Spedalieri

Vita Chernobyl

Vi. Grossere II, 18 - Vigliano Biellese BI 015 511748 015 511748Giovanni Giannin Senza Confini

Via Tre Novembre

- 38060 Nomi (Trento) 0464834623
0464834623  Marilena Baldo

Belarus Aid Medicine and Chernobyl


Chernobyl Children Cancer Care Bronllys'

Portland Place Lisvane Cardiff CF4 5EQ UK +33 1222 76613 +44 1222 76613

Chernobyl Children Cancer Care


Chernobyl Children Life Line

Courts 61 Petwort rd. Haslemere, Surrey GU27 3AX UK; +33 1428 642523 + 44 1428 651642  Victor Mizzi

Chernobyl North-East


Friends of Chernobyl Children


Medicine and Chernobyl

+44257462604 Medicine and Chernobyl BLYT +441670361313 Preston Branch; +441772204697 Belarus Aid +441257463703


- Bridgeport +1 2033844696 Nicholas Dainal

Children of Chernobyl, U.S. Charitable Fund  Patti and Joe Knable

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The photographs and children drawings in this page are taken from Italian Progetto Humus page

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