Operation Belarus
a collaborative effort between dental professionals in the Faculty of Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario and the Minsk Medical Institute, is a five year initiative to improve the teaching of dentistry and children's dental health in Belarus. The children will be the main beneficiaries of this international project.

The Goals

To upgrade the educational level of the dental faculty in the Department of Paediatric Dentistry at the Minsk Medical Institute.

To establish a contemporary dental clinic with modern technology to allow for current teaching and treatment methods for children; and

To teach modern delivery of service.

The Faculty of Dentistry is committed to achieving these goals through private donations to obtain modern equipment, provide faculty exchanges, and curriculum development.

For more information about Operation Belarus please write or call

Gerald Z. Wright, D.D.S., M.S.D., F.R.C.D.(C)
Professor and Chairman
Division of Orthodontonics and Pediatric Dentistry
Faculty of Dentistry
The University of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada, NGA 5C1

Tel:(519) 661-4098; Fax:(519) 661-3879 E-mail Address: DENGZW@UWOADMIN.UWO.CA

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