Facts About Chernobyl Disaster
Links to information on  Chernobyl disaster

Chernobyl Disaster as national catastrophe of Belarus, by Jauhen Reshatau

Chernobyl Trace in Belarus, by Dzmitry Zelenka

Chernobyl Accident - Nuclear Issues Briefing Paper by Uranium Information Centre Ltd in Melbourne, Australia

Fact Sheet on the Accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant from US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

IAEA Chernobyl Forum Promotes Facts About Health & Environmental Effects - April 2004 news from International Atomic Energy Agency. See also their 10 Years After Chernobyl analysis.

International Chernobyl Research and Information Network (ICRIN) designed to support the ongoing international, national and civil society efforts towards the sustainable development of the affected territories.

Chernobyl: Assessment of Radiological and Health Impacts. 2002 Update of Chernobyl: Ten Years On - site from The Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), an intergovernmental organisation of industrialized countries, based in Paris, France

  A Sun Site exhibition of some secret soviet documents related to Chernobyl

  Development of the Data Base "Nuclear Fuel and Radioactive
Waste in the Shelter of Chernobyl NPP"
by Kurchatov's Institute of Atomic Energy.

  Ghost Town - a popular personal account of a motorcycle ride through Chernobyl Zone today by a daughter of liquidator-scientist. According to Mary Mycio, this story is part fiction. So don't consider it factual.

  Analysis of Chernobyl Meltdown at AllFreeEssays.com

 Analysis of Chernobyl Legacy - done by Alex Kirby, BBC , June 2000.

  Chernobyl, The True Story - a report by Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, former head of the Ukrainian Academy of Science, and the lead investigator of the Chernobyl clean up.

  International Sakharov Environmental University in Belarus was founded in Belarus to prepare experts in Radioactive Ecology.

  List of Publications on Chernobyl, run by Texas Tech University

  Ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies and the World - a consolidated reference on ex-USSR nuclear technology and its impact on the world, maintained by Dr. Peter L. Angelo in Idaho, USA.

  The list of addresses of Belarusan environmental NGO's 

Ukrainian Ministry of Emergencies - Ukrainian agency in charge of Chernobyl Radioactive Area today.

  Chernobyl Accident - article by Wilkipedia - a volunteer run source.

Some recent (2004) links sent to us by Massimo Bonfatti, Humus project coordinator:

Pictures of Chernobyl Zone today:

Ghost city of Pripjat: http://www.progettohumus.it/RicercaGen/ChernoDinto/PripjatCitta/PripjatCitta.html

Children of Chernobyl:

Oncology division of a hospital

After radiotherapy

Children of Chernobyl - oncology department

Fathers and sons


Father holding son before radiotherapy


Chernobyl Childrens drawings:


Around Chernobyl:


The nuclear plant



Some video: http://www.progettohumus.it/RicercaGen/ChernoDinto/ChernoDinto.html

Contamination maps: http://www.progettohumus.it/RicercaProg/Mappe/Mappe.html

Liquidators, people who first went to recover the situation, many of them died already from radioactive diseases:





 Massimo Bonfatti, Humus project coordinator: "If you did not cried before you will cry now. I did.": 


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