Kurapaty near Mensk (Minsk) is one of the many places where mass executions of Belarusian civilians were carried out during the Stalin regime (1937 - 1941) by the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs - at the time this was the name of what is today the KGB). Until the late 80s the Soviet government carefully concealed this information from the people.

In 1988, thanks to the efforts of Z. Pazniak and J. Smyhaliou, the articles "Kurapaty - the Road of Death" and "The Pines are murmuring above the grave" were first published in the Belarusian newspaper "Litaratura i Mastactva" (Literature and Art) - both articles are reproduced in the following. These articles were the first to reveal the truth about how the totalitarian Bolshevist system liquidated more than 200.000 innocent victims in Kurapaty alone, without any investigation or trial. The articles include numerous reports by witnesses of the tragedy, they report about the archaeological excavations carried out by the authors themselves at the place where the victims were buried, and they draw conclusions about the significance of this tragedy.

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Kurapaty - the Road of Death

Why do we commemorate Kurapaty? or "Repression in Belarus' yesterday and today"

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