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Cyrilic vs. Latin Blr Orthography

Cyrillic vs. Latin Belarusian Orthography (1)

Belarusian langugage can be written using both Cyrillic and Latin alphabet (I do not want here to explain the reasons why. There are already other articles on the Web concerning this issue.) This short article describes how related are both styles of writing to each other. For there is only one Belarusian language (in my opinion ;-) ) Cyrillic and Latin orthographies should be (and they really are) compatible. It means there is only one way to transliterate a Cyrillic script to Latin one and the other way around.
   First I'll show you the whole list of Belarusian Cyrillic and Latin characters.

Cyrillic Characters / Kiryličny alfabet

Latin Characters / £acinskaja abeceda

a, A
b, B
c, C
ę, Ę
č, Ę
d, D
e, E
f, F
g, G
h, H
i, I
j, J
k, K
l, L
³, £
m, M
n, N
ń, Ń
o, O
p, P
r, R
s, S
¶, ¦
¹, ©
t, T
u, U
w, W
v, V
y, Y
z, Z
¼, ¬
¾, ®

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