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Perfective Verbs / Dziejasłowy dakončanaha tryvańnia

(for more information about division in perfective and imperfective verbs - see handbook of any slavonic language)

Perfective verbs have almost the same conjugation as imperfective verbs. They are divided in the same four groups (because they are built from perfective verbs e.g. addać <- dać, nabrać <- brać, prydumać <- dumać).

List of differences:

1. Imperfective verbs’ conjugation form in Present = Perfective verbs’ conjugation in Future

e.g. ja čytaju (1b - I read) and ja pračytaju (I will read)

2. Imperfective verb’s conjugation form in Perfect = Perfective verbs’ conjugation form in Perfect

3. Imperative’s form are equal too.

4. Imperfective verb’s conjugation form in Future = NO EQUIVALENT

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