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Femininum (Noun declention)

a. Nouns ending with "a"
e.g. haava (head), ziamla (earth), ruka (hand), malitva (prayer)

(remember: for femininum nouns: 1st case = 7th case)
(warning: in noun ziamla, unstressed "e" in plural form changes into unstressed "a" in singularum problem of transformation o "e" into "a" is more complex (unlike "o" -> "a") and will be described later)
Case singularum pluralum
1. haaw-a ziaml-a malitv-a haov-y zieml-i malitv-y
2. haav-y ziaml-i malitv-y haow / haov-aw ziamiel / zieml-aw malitv-aw
3. haav-ie ziaml-e malitv-ie haov-am zieml-am malitv-am
4. haav-u ziaml-u malitv-u = 1. = 1. = 1.
5. haav-oj ziaml-oj malitv-oj haov-ami zieml-ami malitv-ami
6. haav-ie ziaml-e malitv-ie haov-ach zieml-ach malitv-ach

b. Nouns ending with a consonant
e.g. ko (bone), my (mouse), re (thing), krow (blood)

Case singularum pluralum
1. 4. 7. ko re my koc-i re-y my-y
2. kac-i re-y my-y kaci-ej re-aw my-ej
3. kac-i re-y my-y kaci-om re-am my-om
5. kaci-oj(u) /
re-aj(u) /
my-aj(u) /
kaci-ami re-mi my-ami
6. kac-i re-y my-y kaci-och re-ach my-och

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