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Neutrum (Noun declention)

a. Nouns ending with "o" or unstressed "a" or "e" (stressed or not)
e.g. sia≥o (village), plaŤo (shoulder), mora (sea), ĺyścio (life), pole (field)

(remember: unstressed"a" in neutrum noun's ending is actually equivalent of "o" in stressed ending)
(remember: in this group of nouns 1st, 4th and 7th case have all the same form)
Case singularum pluralum
1. 4. 7. sia≥-o mor-a sio≥-y mor-y
2. sia≥-a mor-a sio≥-aw mor-aw
3. sia≥-u mor-u sio≥a-m mor-am
5. sia≥-om mor-am sio≥-ami mor-ami
6. sial-e mor-y sio≥-ach mor-ach

b. Other nouns:

  • ending with "-mia": imia (name), plemia (tribe), siemia (seed)
  • names of young animals: ciala (kalf), parasia (piglet), vawŤania (young wolf) etc.
  • with -os- added in pluralum: sing.: nieba pl.: niabiosy (sky, heaven), ko≥a, kalosy (circle, wheel)

† †

Case singularum pluralum
1. 4. 7. imi-a jahni-a ko≥-a imi-on-y jahni-at-y kal-os-y
2. imi-en-i / imi-a jahni-ac-i ko≥-a imi-on-aw jahni-at-aw kal-os-aw
3. imi-en-i / imi-u jahni-ac-i ko≥-u imi-on-am jahni-at-am kal-os-am
5. imi-en-iem / imi-em jahni-om ko≥-am imi-on-ami jahni-at-ami kal-os-ami
6. imi-en-i / im-i jahni-ac-i kol-e imi-on-ach jahni-at-ach kal-os-ach

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