Mir Castle

The World Heritage Committee of UNESCO has inscribed Mir Castle on World Heritage List on the basis of criteria (ii) and (iv).

Criterion (ii): Mir Castle is an exceptional example of a central European castle, reflecting in its design and layout successive cultural influences (Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque) that blend harmoniously to create an impressive monument to the history of this region.

Criterion (iv): The region in which Mir Castle stands has a long history of political and cultural confrontation and coalescence, which is graphically reflected in the form and appearance of the ensemble.

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Mir Castle Festival June 2003

My movies from festival (click on image to download. Warning ~10Mb long!)

all_knights_at_once_icon.jpg (22168 bytes) Knight's tournament inside the Mir castle walls

bow-icon.jpg (28934 bytes) One of the largest in Europe assault Cross Bows in action

Konski_pranool_icon.jpg (11806 bytes) "Konski Pranool'" medieval dance

Stoodnia_icon.jpg (25016 bytes) Mikalaich gave me to drink out of this 500 y.o. Duke's Water Well inside the castle. The water was sweet and tasty.

antoni_radzivil_music_icon.jpg (21995 bytes) Early Music by Antoni Radzivil - one of the former owners of the Mir castle.

My photos from the festival (click on photos to enlarge):

arbalets.jpg (107187 bytes) batlejka.jpg (129995 bytes) camp.jpg (103875 bytes) catapulte.jpg (145894 bytes) concert.jpg (89829 bytes) crane.jpg (87699 bytes) gipsies.jpg (119583 bytes) girls1.jpg (61274 bytes) girls2.jpg (58778 bytes) girls3.jpg (57807 bytes) little-girl.jpg (95476 bytes) Mir_Eastern_Wall.JPG (68422 bytes) Mir_Gallery.JPG (79517 bytes) Palace_North-West.jpg (67636 bytes) Panorama_from_lake.jpg (118483 bytes) polonez.jpg (40514 bytes) rycazhy1.jpg (124011 bytes) rycazhy2.jpg (124168 bytes) rycazhy3.jpg (68820 bytes) rycazhy4.jpg (40261 bytes) rycazhy5.jpg (105793 bytes) spike.jpg (49226 bytes) theatre.jpg (80062 bytes) Tournament1.jpg (80143 bytes) Tournament2.jpg (89030 bytes)


Mi_castle1.jpg (47083 bytes) Mi_castle3.jpg (54106 bytes) Mir_sideways_small.jpg (20838 bytes) mir_fragment_western.jpg (42566 bytes) mir_cannon_loopholes.jpg (40269 bytes) mir_tower-gate.jpg (33637 bytes) The Castle Tower The Castle


"Castles of Belarus" - set of postcards. Concept and photos by S. Plytkevich, text - V. Hryniavecki, Minsk, Printing House "Printing Poligraphic Center", project by Marketing Agency "Riftour"

"Mirski Zamak (Mir Castle)" - set of postcards, photo by A. Fralou, Editor T. Ulievich, Printing house "Belarus" 1998.

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