(also Homiel', Gomel', Gomel)

A second biggest Belarusian city with population (1996) of 500,617, an administrative center of Homel' Voblasc' of Belarus, port on river Sozh, located 301 km South-East of Minsk in Belarusian Palesse region. First mentioned in chronicles in 1142 as Gomy,. In XIV c. the basis of the town was formed by log fortress. In XVI-XVII centuries becomes a trade and crafts center. Homel passed to Grand Duchy of Lithuania in the early 16th century. It came under Polish rule in the 17th century and was annexed by Russia in 1772. A Palace was build in p-lace of wooden fortress by Count Rumyancev at the end of XVIIIc. From 1941 to 1943, during World War II, Homel' was occupied by the Germans. Manufactures in the city include forest products, fertilizer, agricultural machinery, and processed food. Homel' State University (1969) is located here.


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