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Non-government . . . . . . . . . - an online collection of Belarusian language dictionaries and encyclopedias about Belarus -  mostly in Belarusian, but also in other languages. - an excellent and  independent source of news on struggle for freedom and  democracy around the World 

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A Belarus Miscellany Reference info from the Belarus Academy of Sciences Addresses and phones
A Belarus Miscellany is the first and one of the most complete subject directories of the Internet resources on Belarus created on the web. Must see! Absolutely enormous collection of web links covering all possible cultural issues. Bare in mind that they have to express the official, i.e. Lukashenka, point of view. This is the list of the useful phones and addresses in Belarus.

Rest of WWW Internet forums On-line NEWS
This is our list of the WWW sites containing information about Belarus and the WWW directories with Belarus related links.  Here we give you information about Belarus related Usenet groups, e-mail lists, bulletin boards, IRC groups, etc. The list of links to Belarusian and foreign on-line media with the information on Belarus.

Newspapers and magazines Books Radio and TV
You can find here the subscription information for dozens of Belarusian newspapers and magazines. Bibliography on Belarus from Belarus Miscellany Information about radio and TV networks in Belarus.

Organizations Businesses Ministries
Lists of different organizations and unions in Belarus and Belarus related organizations abroad: ecological, scientific, human rights, religious, artistic, etc. Businesses in Belarus and foreign companies operating in Belarus. A collection of links to different executive branches - ministries - of Belarusian Government from Belarusian Embassy

General Reference Information

2003 CIA World Factbook on Belarus
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This file is a part of the Virtual Guide to Belarus - a collaborative project of Belarusian scientists and professionals  abroad. VG brings you the most extensive compilation of the information about Belarus on the Web.
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