Exotica... Upon hearing the word some immediately think of Amazon jungles, others see endless Sahara sands, and yet others imagine climbing in Nepal and Tibet. For many foreigners Belarus is an unknown land. And yet there is no need to go to the arctic shores or to Siberia in order to see thousands of birds, deer, or wild boars. You can see them all here, in Belarus. All that is needed is knowledge of places and enough patience to take good photographs

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Chainsaws let rip in Europe's oldest forest

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus

Botanical Collections of Belarus

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Chance for

Aquatic invaders in Belarus

Animals of Belarusian money


General Remarks about Belarusian Nature

Physical Geography
      Information about Belarusian Regions 
Belarusian Lowlands. Paliessie (review) Belarusian Uplands (review)

See also Belarusian Sacred and Historical Stones

Belavezha - National  Forest Reserve - a relict European primeval forest, home of the European Bison.
Biarezinsky   Biosphere Reserve Braslau Lakes
the National Park

Even better here ;)

Prypiac' Reserve shared with Ukraine - the last great marshes of Europe
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. Info and our list of Chernobyl charities around the world.
Belarusian Ecological and Environmental Organizations 
Also - this list
Environment and I - ecological NGO from Brest, Belarus
Chance for Prypiac Environmental NGOs from Belarus Academy of Sciences site.  State Of Environment Reports on Belarus from UN Environment Programme
    Belarusian Landscapes
Pictures of Belarusian Landscapes Meet Belarusian Forest Some Pictures from Lovely Nature - Belarusian landscape pictures in a German site.
Few photos of Fall Belarusian Landscapes by Vadzim Sidarovich Photogallery of Yury Pliushcheu Belavezhskaia Puscha XXI Century 
    Birding in Belarus
Western Belarusian Society for Birds Preservation

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Aquatic Warbler -  thought to be extinct in Belarus, the aquatic warbler was rediscovered there in 1995 by a joint Belarusian/German expedition to the Belarusian wetlands. APB - society for Protection of Birds in Belarus

Postal Stamps - Rare Birds of Belarus Also here Prypiat' Marshes Birds on Birdforum.net Transfrontier wetlands in Belarus, Kaliningrad Region of Russia and Lithuania
Our main page: "Maps of Belarus" with auto- and railroad maps. Historical maps. Chernobyl contamination map
City guides with maps. Clickable map of the major Belarusian historical sites. Apparently there is also planet Belarus now too :)))

Literature about Belarusian Nature

Birds of Belarus. A 21st Century Outlook Nikiforov M.Ye, Kozulin A.V., Grichik
V.V., Tishechkin A.K. (in Russian).

Mustelids in Belarus: Evolutionary Ecology, Demography and Interspecific Relationships. V.E. Sidorovich. (In English and Russian).

The Catalogue of Flowering-Decorative Grassy Plants of Botanical Gardens of CIS and the Baltic States. E.S.Galperin (In Russian).

Amphibia. Reptiles. Encyclopaedic Directory. Editor: Prof. Mikhail M. Pikulik (In Belarusian).

The State and Use of Biological Diversity of the Republic of Belarus: the Analytical Review. (In Russian).

The First National Report on the Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity in Belarus. (In Russian).

The National Report "Chernobyl Accident: Consequences and Their Overcoming" (In Russian).

The Ecology of the Chernobyl Catastrophe.Vladimir K. Savchenko (In Russian).

The Underground Waters of Belarus. Kudelskii A.V., Pashkevich V.I., Yasoveyev M.G. (In Russian).

The Formation of Biochemical Structure of Cowberries in Belarus. Rupasova Zh.A., Sidorovich Ye.A., Ignatenko V.A., Rudakovskaya R.N. (In Russian).

The Plants and Ecology. Svetlana A. Sergeichik (In Russian).

The ecological, medical-biological and social-economic consequences of accident on the Chernobyl NPP in Belarus. Editors: Yevgenii F. Konoplya, Igor V. Rolevich (In Russian).



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