Towns, cities and several villages
Famous Belarusians
This is a collection of pictures and historical articles about 40 Belarusian town and cities of historical significance. Use also Clickable map. View dozens of city symbols, family crests and state symbols. Read an newly added article about Belarusian historical state symbol of "Pahonia" . Find out about the famous people from our contry from the 10th untill the 20th cc.
Traditional clothing
Country museum
This page contains an overview about several stages of Belarusian architecture development and a collection of the monuments characteristic to each style. Here you can find an article about the development of traditional clothing styles and 27 lustrations of clothing from various regions dating from the 19th c. and earlier. Visit following exhibitions in our Museum of Belarusian folk arts and crafts: Textile, Ceramics, Folk Musical Instruments, Music, Icon painting.

Belarusian National Historical Gallery

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