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Belarusian Media
TV - Radio - Internet

lukvot.jpg (5488 bytes)Just as Belarusian culture in its entirety, Belarusian independent media is now being methodically obliterated and brought to the service of Fürer of The Slavs - Lukashenka. Independent TV programs are non-existent in Belarusian state-run TV. The freedom of opinions in Russian TV is dealt by Lukashenka regime via routine blockage of Russian TV programming transmissions and replacing them with politically neutral ballet scenes. Independent newspapers are being closed one by one after Lukashenka prosecutors file defamation law suits. The newspapers don't stand a chance to defend themselves against Lukashenka regime. Most of the independent radio has been curtailed too. The regime has already once "switched off" Internet in entire country of Belarus during last presidential elections. At this stage the regime's minister of information is talking about bringing the selective Internet filters that will be blocking out all sites conflicting with regime's ideology. So there it is - Belarusian Media status for today - the year of 2003.

And to complete the picture there will be monthly political information briefings at all state-run enterprises in Belarus starting this fall. And all Belarusian students will be obliged to take a course on Belarusian National Ideology starting September 1, 2003.

2004 and 2005 only worsened the situation with press. Many newspapers were closed or exiled. People are arrested and jailed even for simple flyers that don't name any names! National TV absolutely turned into a propaganda mouth piece of Lukashenka Regime. Attempts of independent reporting of opposition demonstrations in the Fall of 2004 by Russian and Polish TV crews ended up in beatings, smashed TV cameras and arrests. Even satellite feed of videonews from Minsk was blocked. And so: