Belarusian Organizations

Educational organizations

o Colleges, Institutes and Universities:

o The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB)

o High and Middle Schools

Non-government organizations


Ecological (Miles Away)

Youth (MIles Away)

Chernobyl international charity organizations

Belarusian Diaspora (Belarus Miscellany)

Government branches, ministries

Presidential Administration

Ministry of Culture of Belarus
        Ministry of Culture doesn't have a website. Ha-ha!!! Stone age forever!!!
        FAX: (0172)-235825  

Ministry of Internal Affairs

E-mail: ,
Phones: (8-017) 229-77-31, 229-72-83, 229-78-12.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs


ul. Lenina 19
Minsk, 220030
Tel. 227-29-22
Fax. 227-45-21
ul. Myasnikova 29
Minsk, 220050
Tel. 220-26-35
Fax. 220-19-64
ul. K.Marksa 37a
Minsk, 220030
Tel. 2222-665
Fax. 2222-663

Links to other Ministry of Foreign Affairs resources:

International contacts
   Belarusian embassy in USA:
   1619 New Hampshire Ave., North-West, Washington D.C. 20009
   phone:(202)986-1604; FAX:(202)986-1805

National contacts

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Belarus
phone: +375 (17) 220-66-91
fax:       +375 (17) 220-55-83, 220-47-71

Ministry of Sport and Tourism
Website n Russian only ;) I guess foreign tourists are not welcome :/

Ministry of Finances
Ph.: (3+075 0-17) 222-45-93

Ministry of Justice
Ph.: +375-17-2209755
Fax: +375-17-2209755

The Ministry of Statistics and Analysis
Tel: +375 017 249-42-78
Fax: +375 017 249-22-04

Ministry of Defence

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