Maladychyn (Molodechno)

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Maladychyn is a city, center of Maladychyn District in Minsk Voblasc'. It is located 68km North-West of Belarusian capital - Minsk. Maladychyn is known as a settlement since 1388 as part of the Grand Duche of Lithuania. It was part of Vil'na Vaiavodstva since 1413 and was transfered to Minsk Pavet at the end ov XVIc. At different times Maladychyn was a town in private ownership of powerful Belarusian feudal families - "magnats" - of Zaslauski, Mscislauski, Sanhushka, Ahinski (Oginski). A castle was built in Maladychyn in XVcentury.


Official Maladychyn Site of the city administration.
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