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Belarusian cities represent a unique, mysterious, and extremely interesting realm to explore. The realm is filled with numerous historical, architectural, and cultural artifacts, for the cities fully reflect the turbulent history of Belarus. In surfing the pages you will find references to the early Ruthenian principalities, grandeur of the Great Duchy of Lithuania, the Russian and Soviet yoke, and other historical periods. You will encounter the familiar names of Mark Chagal, Francysk Skaryna, and Kazimir Malevich. You will catch a glimpse of Belarusian urban views and landscapes. We hope that the pages excite your curiosity and perhaps lead you to further explorations of Belarus.

We strive to create a comprehensive collection of facts, graphics, and links to other sites. We rely on you to help us maintain thoroughness of this site. Contact us, if you discover information not presented herein. We ourselves will also work hard to keep this site up-to-date.

The Relevant Pages of the Virtual Guide to Belarus

Belarusian Castles
Belarusian Historic Estates
Travel Guide to Belarus
Belarusian Landscapes

Other related links: - private travel logs and lots of pictures of different places in Belarus.
Globus of Belarus - an enormous database of photos and information about cities, towns and villages of Belarus. Texts are in Russian and have a lot of old Soviet flavor. The history angle in there also feels anti-Belarusian - more like an established Russian Imperial views on Belarus. But if you just look for pictures for genealogical search - its the best place on Internet, no doubt. - great private trips across Belarus + photos
Architecture of Belarus
Schtetlinks - database of stories about Jewish life in Belarusian little towns (Shtetl in Yiddish) from Jewish genealogy site - A treasure!

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