Niasvizh Castle and Palace

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The Slucak Gate

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This picture was drawn by U.Basalyga
The Slucak Gate (Slutskaja Brama) is an original architectural monument erected at the end of the 16th century. It was a gate through which the town could be entered from the side of the Slucak (Slutsk) high road (see also Slucak) and was incorporated in the fortification system. Its composition was of a fortress nature. In 1760 the gate was rebuilt and acquired typical Baroque features. Now it is compactly situated with a passage arch in the centre and has strong brick walls. The gate facade with its curved pediments and Radzivilles' monogram is extraordinarily plastic and expressive.

The Castle Gate Tower

This picture was drawn by U.Basalyga
The Castle Gate Tower was built in the late 16 th century and has preserved its original pre-Baroque architecture. Before the 18 th century the Castle Gate, a kind of a gate linking the town and the palace and castle complex, was added the tower. Red bricks in the walls and a tiled roof in combination with the contrastingly white cornices and embrasure framing make the tower picturesque.


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