Babrujsk Fortress

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Babrujsk Fortress is a monument of fortification architecture of the 1st half of XIX c. It was built in 1807-1836 in a historic center of Babrujsk in the crossing of two rivers - Babrujka and Biarezina. General-engineer K. Operman has planned all fortifications of Babrujsk Fortress in 1810-1812. The fortress had 5 bastions, several soil ridges and water channels. The walls, buildings and other structures of a built earlier (first half of XVIII c) Babrujsk Jesuit Monastery were utilized as the basis of the Fortress. The fortress was further expanded in 1820 by adding 18 more bastions, towers, fort "Freidrich Wilhelm" (1822) according to the plan of architect A. Staubert. Babrujsk Fortress is registered as state architectural monument.


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