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Babrujsk is the centre of the Babrujsk district, Mahilou region, about 110 km South-West of Mahilou, a port on Biarezina river, a station on the railway line Miensk-Homiel.
Population: 227,100 (1995)

Some old buildings in the  Babrujsk downtown (click on images to enlarge)

house house house

Old Babrujsk photos:
bab-dom1.jpg (110575 bytes) bab-dom2.jpg (127167 bytes) bab-dom3.jpg (111720 bytes) bab-dom6.jpg (101513 bytes)

The fortress

The Babrujsk fortress (picture from 19c.).

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Also lately Babrujsk has become an important word in slang of Russian non-conformists "Padonkoff":
An excellent 2005 photo essay about modern Babrujsk 
    I was particularly impressed by this Babrujsk peace of architecture. We are all guessing what acid they were
    on when designing it :)))



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