Meet the Belarusian Forest,  Part 2

Eagle Eagle-owl

The golden eagle and the eagle-owl are the biggest birds of prey in our forests. The first hunts in the day-time, the latter in the twilight. It is a rare luck to see these birds.

Wood-grouse The song of the wood-grouse, the oldest bird, strikes its listener as very mysterious. An hour before sunrise the forest is still in the dark, but the beautiful forester has already started whispering and trilling. When the sun rises wood-grouses fly down to hold their nuptial battles.

Goshawk Goldfish

The goshawk's look is guarded and keen. And a pretty peaceful little goldfinch tries to stay away from such a neighbour.

Doe A watchful but at the same time cautious doe appeared on the path.

Polytricum Common and a Frog

Swan The sunrise brings nature to life: amber-green dew sparkles on the heads of the polytricum common, quivering of the butterfly's wings attracts the frog, the wild swan has swum out to the grass-covered end of the forest lake.

Woodcock Woodcocks

Woodcock's Fight Along the low-lying banks of rivers and lakes woodcocks hold their funny fights. Each cock's dress is inimitable. Often they scuffle hottly with each other flapping their light wings and threatening the enemy with their beaks. But all this is a mere play, an imitation fight.

Little Hawks Little Hawks

The hawk's little downy nestlings look like dandellions. But they grow quickly with every day showing more and more clearly the habits of a bird of prey.

Osprey Golden Eagle

To see an osprey with his wings extended over the nest and a golden eagle with a twig in his beak is a rare piece of luck. These birds are very rare in our parts. They are listed in the Red Book of disappearing species in Belarus.

Cranes Dances Spring dances of cranes are a fascinating and unique show, a kind of an emotional spectacle which can be seen on a large upper swamp in the Prypiatski Preserve.

Lynx goes hunting Lynx-cubs are born in summer and their mother has to go hunting more and more often.

Squirel A squirrel has lurked in the hollow of a tree and is watching the movements of a big forest cat. It is better not to meet the lynx's eye.

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