Meet the Belarusian Forest,  Part 1

Fir-trees covered with snow Snow is being thawn

Winter is still strong enough but spring is already approaching. Day after day the forest fills with more light, titmice's whistling and the woodpecker's tapping get clearer. In the day-time, when the weather is calm, the sun is hotter thawing snow and warming the trees' bark.

Racoon Coltshot Flowers

Flood The spring flood-time is at its height. Flood water covered meadows, edges of woods. A raccoon dog escapes to a dry knob where the coltshot flowers have just shot from the wet soil and shown their golden heads to the sun.

Elk Calf 1 Elk Calf 2

In spring funny long-legged elk-calves are born in quiet nooks. They are hard to be spotted among green branches and brown patches of earth.

Auroch The ancient glory of the mighty aurochs revives on the Belarusian land. In the Belaviezskaja Puscha and Biarezinski forest preserves there are already more than 230 animals.

A Dam Beavers dexterously built a solid dam and raised the water-level in the rivulet.

Bunting A lively little bunting is hunting insects by the dam.

Phesants 1

The golden pheasant is a rare bird in our parts. We encounter him in the Biarezinsky Preserve.

Phesants 2 And such pheasants are reared in the Republic's special hunting forestries.

Cranes In the morning two cranes came flying to a far-off field.

Blackcocks Blackcocks The spring's blackcocks' mating-place is a picturesque and unforgettable picture. In the twilight, the red-browed cocks fly together to their favorite place and the whole neighborhood fills with their passionate muttering.

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