o III  International Congress of Belarusianists
o   Festival of Swedish and Belarusian Poetry
o  F. Skaryna monument is opened in Prague

New Books
o  The list of top 100 Belarusian books of XX c. Vote now!
o  The Belarusians (in 8 volumes)
o  History of Book-Printing in Belarus
o  The Old Belarusian Grammars
o  ABM: Books about Belarus and by Belarusians

Publishing Houses
o Belaruskaia Navuka
o Navuka i Tekhnika

o  Nasa Niva
o  Belarusian Linguistics
o Comments  and Dialogues
o  Draniki

o  Lighthouse
o  Na Rosstaniah

o  Belarusian Library Association
o  Belarusian National Library
o  Belarusian Agricultural Library
o  Belarusian Central Scientific Library
o  Vilna University Library
o  British Library
o  The Republican Scientific Medical Library of Belarus
o The Francysk Skaryna Belarusian Library and Museaum(London)

o  The Maxim Bahdanovich's Literary Museum
o  The Yanka Kupala's State Literary Museum
o  The State Yakub Kolas's Memorial-and-Literary Museum
o  The Mickiewiczes's estate-museum

o  East View Publications
o  Krajavid
o  Ilgaris
o  Bogdanou.com

On-line Archives
o  Belarusian Bookshelf
o  Litara.net

Literary Schools
o  Neo-Latin Poetry
o  New Belarusian Literature

o Movaznaustva discussion group
o  Seminar of Belarusian Language in UK
o  Princeton: Belarusian Transliteration Table
o  UCLA: Belarusian Language Profile
o UMN: US Colleges teaching Belarusian
o  Harvard: Ruthenian Pra-Language
o  CIA: Belarusian Language Center
o  Ethnologue Database
o  University of London

o  NAABS - North American Association for Belarusian Studies
o  Belarusian Association of Journalists
o Belarusian PEN Centre
o Belarusian Language Society, also here

Francis Skaryna
Symon Budny
Vasil' Tiapinski
Meleci Smatrycki
Jan Chachot
Adam Mitskievich
Francis Bahushevich

M. Bahdanovich 1 & 2
Janka Kupala
Jakub Kolas
Mikola Celesh
Uladzimir Dudzicki
Janka Juknavets
Barys Rahulia
Jurka Vicbich

o  Belarusian Library
o Caricature Against

o  UNESCO:   World Heritage Project

o  Boom-Bum-Lit
Society of Free Literators

o  University of Munich:  Slavistische Beiträge

Other websites
A Belarus Miscellany






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Belarusian Literature

Reviews and Links

Dear Reader,

Ever since the birth of the first pages about Belarusian Literature in 1995-1996, the number of such pages has grown significantly. And so in 1999 we have faced a necessity of creating this portal page that would list the WWW resources on the Belarusian Literature. Below are the links to some of our reviews, on-line archives and other Internet resources related to the Belarusian Literature. Some of the pages are written in Cyrillic encoding.

December 3, 2007 is a Centennial Anniversary of Belarusian poet and Diaspora leader Ryhor Krushyna. We have created a page about Ryhor Krushyna based on materials provided to us by his son Ihar Kazak.

Belarusian Bookshelf (Cyrillic Win1251*)
This page by Andrus' Zhvir and his team is carrying an entire on-line archive of the Belarusian books of both poetry and prose. It has the list of recent Belarusian Literary events and forums.

North American Association for Belarusian Studies 
The North American Association for Belarusian Studies (NAABS) is a non-profit scholarly organization which seeks to promote research, study, and teaching in all aspects of Belarusian studies, including the fields of history, language and linguistics, literature and the arts, cultural studies, sociology, anthropology and ethnography, political science, economics, and international relations.

"Pravapis" is "Grammar" in Belarusian. Pravapis.org is a nice new page with up-to-date information on Belarusian language. Book reviews, articles on language related issues, dictionaries information, downloads (download Belarusian Phrase Book there), some help with Cyrillics on your computer.
The Association of the State Literary Museums of the Republic of Belarus
Many information including links to museums of F.Bohushevich, the Mickiewiczes's estate-museum, M. Bahdanovich museum, Yanka Kupala museum,  the M.Goretsky's memorial museum, the museum complex in the village Pleban', the historical literary museum in the village Gorodok, the state museum of the history of theatrical and musical culture of Belarus, the Stanislav Moniuszko's museum, the Michal Cleofas Oginski's museum, K.Chorny, P. Browka
Old Belarusian Poetry
It is our review of the history of Belarusian poetry in a period from XII c. to XVIII c. It describes the wealth of Belarusian poetical heritage that has been created in many languages - Old Belarusian, Russian, Polish, Church Slavic, Latin and Creek. This page is maintained by Alies' Artsyukhovich.
Songs About Litwins from the Eldest Times to the year of 1434 (Cyrillic Win1251*)
It is a poetical account of the Belarusian history as the nation in the heart of the Grand Duche of Lithuania. This poetical chronology was written by Jan Chachot - the first Belarusian Poet of the New Era - the founder of the tradition of the New Belarusian Poetry in the early XIX c. The page is maintained by Siarhiej Sonchyk.
Alleia AP (Cyrillic Win1251*)
Is a collection of the author song lyrics by Belarusian poets-song writers. It is maintained by Masha Shkol'nikava.
Our On-line Belarusian - English- Belarusian Dictionaries Page
The page is maintained by Ryhor Hajduk. It has short dictionaries, some audio files of the main expressions in Belarusian. It explains the basics of Belarusian Grammar and has the lists of most frequently used verbs, nouns and adjectives.
The Belarusian Language
Is a page with some historical background on the political struggle around the belarusian language. It explains the history of usage of Latin and Cyrillic alphabet in Belarusian language, has downloadable Belarusian fonts. It is also explaining some basic rules of the Belarusian Grammar and Orthography. The information on studying Belarusian abroad is provided. This page is a part of Belarus Miscellany maintained by Peter Kasaty.
Notes on Belarusian-American-English Literary Relations
A page by Dr. Vitaut Kipel of Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York. It explores "the interrelationships among American, English & Belarusian literatures, the theme of Belarusica in English-language belles-lettres, and that of America in modern Belarusian literature."
Notes on Belarusian Culture (1920 - 1928)
A page by Dr. Liavon Yurevich of Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York. It discusses a period between 1920 - 1928 - right after Russian Revolution and formation of Byelorussian SSR - when "Belarusian culture passed through the brief period of its latest Renaissance"

Automatic spelling checker software for Belarusian texts

Dictionary of Classic Belarusian Orthography
This page is prepared by Nasha Niva literary journal. This journal was prosecuted by the Regime of Lukashenka for using so called Classic Belarusian Orthography, which differs from official Russified version adopted by Stalin's Regime in 30-ies.
  Belarusian Writers Abroad
A page by Dr. Liavon Yurevich of Belarusian Institute of Arts and Sciences in New York is now hosted by Belarus-misc.org.
  Belarusian Poetry Page
The historic page by Dz'micier Zinowjew's - the first page about Belarusian poetry that ever appeared on the web is now lovingly restored by Mr. Peter Kasaty at Belarus-misc.org with permission from its author.
  UNESCO Index Translationum states that Belarusian Literature is among 50 most translated literatures in the World (#47 at this time, but hopefully climbing)
  September 2004. Belarusian poet Val˛ina Mort has won a prestigious award - Kristal Vilenice - at the international festival of poetry in Slovenia - Vilenica-2004. Born in Minsk in 1981. Author of the book "Ja tonienkaja jak tvaje viejki" {"I'm as thin as your eyelids", Poems, Prose. Minsk, 2004). Her works have been also published in the Antology of Belarusian Poetry (Sofia, 2000), in collection of poems "Viersh na svabodu" ("A Poem out into the Freedom", Minsk, 2002)". Her works were translated into German, Ukrainian, Latvian, Polish and Bulgarian. Val˛yna also works as translator from Polish and English. had a reading at Belarusian Symposium in Harvard University recently. You can see two short videos of her unique reading manner here: video 1 and video 2.
* To read pages encoded in Cyrillic Win1251 or Cyrillic KOI8-R fonts please go to your Netscape 4.5 "View" pull-down menu, enter "Character Set" and choose appropriate Cyrillic font.
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