Vora (Orsha in Russian) is an ancient town in Eastern Belarus, 80km South of Vicebsk. Vorsha is situated at confluence of Dnieper and Arshyca rivers. 


  • The first written mentioning of the city as "Rsha" was "Chronicle of Bygone Years" in 1067. At that time it was part of Polacak principality.
  • In the middle of XII century Vora had about 5 thousands citizen.
  • Vora becomes part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1320.
  • The town's location on one of the largest European rivers - Dnieper - determined it's history as port and trading post.
  • Vora castle is built in XIV century.
  • Vora received its own coat of arms and Magdeburg Rights on December 13, 1620.
  • In XVI century Vora is demolished in many battles with Russians in Russian War of 1654-1667 and later Swedes in Northern War of 1700-1721.
  • In XVII century Vora is again at 5,000 population.
  • Vora experiences significant growth in the second half of XIX century. It becomes a large railway station and still has a port.
  • Today it is administrative center in Voranski region of Vicebsk voblasc'.



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