Kupala State University of Hrodna

Yanka Kupala State University of Hrodna was founded in 1978, superceding Hrodna Pedagogical Institute. Currently 460 instructors are employed at the university, including 246 Professors, Associate Professors and Doctors. More than 7000 students study at the University. Famous graduates from Yanka Kupala State University include Olga Korbut - two times Olympic Champion in Gymnastics, Alexander Kurlovich - World and Olympic Champion in Weight-lifting, Elena Volchetskaya - Olympic Champion in Gymnastics and other Olympic champions.


is an ancient city first time mentioned in historical chronicles in 1128. Today it is the industrial, cultural and administrative center of Hrodna region and situated on the banks of the Nioman river. It has a population of nearly 300 thousand people and contains Yanka Kupala State University, Hrodna State Medical Academy, Hrodna Agricultural Academy. Over 200 foreign students (11/14/95) currently study in Hrodna.

The University specializes in the following areas: continuous differential and discrete mathematical models; the development of holographic and spectral laser techniques and equipment for a study of phase media of plasma-dynamic phenomena and complex molecules; fabrication and processing of new alloys and composed materials based on metals, polymers, and ceramics; development of software and hardware for the informational technology; studying physiological and biochemical basis of vital functions and ways of an adaptation of living systems to nature and social factors of the environment; language and literature functioning under their active interaction; theoretical and practical problems of psychology and pedagogy, history and culture of Belarus.

The Yanka Kupala State University of Hrodna actively collaborates with specialist organizations as well as in UN programs and other international organizations. The University supports forms of co-operation with over twenty (20) foreign educational institutions. Every year scores of lecturers, interns and students of the University participate in Exchange Programs with foreign universities including the following:

Administration of the University

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