The Russian Language Program (RLP)

The RLP program is operated by the Yanka Kupala State University of Hrodna. Yanka Kupala State University of Hrodna is recognized as by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Belarus as an institute of higher education. The university has thereby satisfied the Belarusian Ministry of Education and Science requirements concerning: premises; general organization; control and supervision exercised over both students and facilities; the quality of its teaching and support services, including the suitability of its courses in meeting the needs of its students; and its legal and financial viability.

Who are these courses for?

Academically qualified international students who need to meet the formal language entry criteria set by CIS colleges and universities for diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate study and who need the assistance of specialists in securing their application to study in CIS institutions.

The RLP Educational Study Program Courses include specialized Russian for Academic Purposes, study skills and contextual study designed to prepare international students fully for study at CIS universities and to ensure that they meet all formal language entry conditions. RLP provides placement advice and assistance with application and enrollment procedures for those desiring to study under Diploma, Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs. Thorough and comprehensive preparation is the key to successful study at college and university level in CIS countries. It is essential that the international student not only meets the required examination standards in Russian for entry into the Belarusian university system but that he or she should also feel comfortable and confident studying in Russian.

RLP courses are designed to meet the precise requirements of universities and provide subject-specific instruction. The language learning process is linked directly to the eventual course of study to be undertaken by the student. The courses are delivered by well qualified teaching professionals who, like their students, enjoy working in the teaching environment, and work in small groups often half size of traditional language school classes. Class sizes average just 8 students per teacher. RLP language teaching is dedicated solely to teaching Russian for Academic Purposes so, as you would expect, our teachers are experts in their field.

Each course combines:

The courses offer the following advantages:

Course structure.

Initially students in the program participate in intensive Russian study, consisting of 25 hours each week.. In order to offer the maximum benefit from study in a Belarusian or CIS University, we extend the program to include components from the student's own discipline once students have reached a satisfactory level of Russian. This course combines 15 hours of Russian and study skills each week, with 5 hours of contextual Study and 5 hours of Process and Practice.

The program of Contextual Study develops a general background understanding of scientific theory as the basis for subsequent study. A series of practical modules, based on the student's chosen discipline, introduces students to the Processes and Practices of specific areas of scientific research and development.

The University laboratories are available each day for students to develop their individual projects and to undertake preparation for research and study in the context of their particular field.

6-months Intensive Course of Russian Language (RLP-Intensive)

The # of hours of courses to be taken is:

Russian (600); Introduction to Belarusian Culture (70).

Total : 670 hrs.

Preparatory Department for Medical School (RLP-Medical)

Russian Language (700); Chemistry (130); Biology (130); Physics (110); Mathematics (90); Computer Science (34); Introduction to Belarusian Culture (70).

TOTAL: 1264 hrs.

Preparatory Department for Technical Specialties (RLP-Technical)

Russian Language (700); Chemistry (100); Drawing (50); Physics (160); Mathematics (170); Computer Science (50); Introduction to Belarusian Culture (70).

TOTAL: 1340 hrs.

Preparatory Department for Law and Management (RLP-Law)

Russian Language (700); Social Science (126) ; History (134); Basic Law (80); Economic and Social Geography (80); Computer Science (34); Introduction to Belarusian Culture (70)

TOTAL: 1266 hrs.

Preparatory Department in Linguistics (RLP-Linguistics)

Russian Language (700); Russian Literature (130); Russian Language Grammar (130); History and Culture of Russia (110); Basic Linguistics (90); Computer Science (34); Introduction to Belarusian Culture(70).

TOTAL: 1264 hrs.

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