Admission Requirements and Application Procedure at Hrodna State University

The University admits students of Belarus who have full secondary School Certificate or equivalent Certificate, and students from other countries who have Certificates of completed Secondary education.

Prior to admission Belarusian applicants (and Russian-speaking students from the Commonwealth of Independent State) take entrance examinations. Foreign students present their academic records, take an interview and tests which help the student choose which area of RLP-program is most suitable for their future orientation.

All instruction at the University is performed in Russian. The academic year commences on the 1st of September and consists of two (2) semesters. Each semester ends with examinations. The academic year has two (2) study breaks: winter break is from the 1 of February to the 10 of February and the summer break is from 4 of July to the 31 of August. For senior students the summer break is shorter due to professional practical training. Admission to the University for foreign students is usually processed during the first two (2) weeks in September. The training of foreign students and postgraduates is paid for on the Contract-Compensation basis. The fees are fixed every year for different specialties and study levels in correspondence with the real expenditure's of the University.

All students receive medical services on the basis of medical insurance and access to the university as well as sport and recreation facilities. All Belarusian and foreign students are provided with accommodation at a low housing fee. If possible, apply through an authorized RLP representative, who will be able to provide valuable advice and help you with the application procedures. If you do not know of a RLP representative, please apply to us in the RB.

Documents and Visa Procedures

The University will arrange a sponsor-letter for Belarusian visa and register the person's enrollment at the University in Visas and Registration Department (OVIR), and, during the study period, will arrange entry and exit visas during vacation. The student shall bear all expenses for visa, registration and arrangement of entry and exit visas.

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