Undergraduate (MS) Program at Hrodna State University

Currently training is given in the following specialities:

I. Education Specialities and Specializations (Majors and Optional)

II. Engineering Specialities and Specializations (Majors)

III. Specialities and Specializations (Majors) of the Economic and Law

A Diploma of higher education is awarded after competition of the University's program with empahsis' in humanitarian, socio-economic, natural-science or professional training. The length of study including a year at the Preliminary Department is six years with the exception of Medicine which is seven years. Studies are organised according to a curruculum with 26-30 class hours a week and includes professional practical training. On successful completion of the curriculum and defense of the Thesis (MS Diploma), the state Diploma is awarded in the corresponding field of study.

The training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical personnel for teaching and research work is carried out in the PhD program. Recipients of the MS diploma who achieved a good record of academic performance and pass the entrance examination can enter the next level of studies at the University - Aspirantura( Graduate Scvhool). The Aspirantura consists of individual study with 14 class hours a week. The Aspiranture programme lasts for the period of three-four years. After completion and the successful defense of a dissertation, the aspirant is awarded the Scientific degree of Kandidat Nauk (an equivalent of Ph.D. degree in most fields).

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