Belarusian lands lie on the crossroads of Europe. The strive of Vikings and later Swedes South, the attacks of Tartars from South, The Teutonic and later German, Prussian and Napoleon invasions from West, the continuous onslaught of Muscovy and later Russians from East - all these factors shaped our history, including military history. And so Belarusian military knowledge was acquired through constant clashes with and sometimes peaceful assimilations of these very different cultures. 

Over the course of Belarusian history many of our ancestors have earned fame in the military battles defending our homeland. Some other Belarusians have defended freedom on other battlefields - Poland, France, USA, Israel, Greece even Hawaii. Others came to Belarus from different countries and cultures but fought for Belarusian freedom.  These pages will tell you the stories of some famous Belarusian military commanders and engineers.

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