Liahavichy Castle

Existed in XVI - first half of XVIII centuries. Was built at the end of XVI c. by Hetman Ya. Hadkevich in Liahavichy on the bank of Vedz'ma ("Witch")- river. It stood on the hill surrounded with water channel. A dam was adjusting water level in the channel. The print above is dated 1660. The Liahavichy Castle and surrounding settlement of Liahavichy was entitrely destroyed during Northern War of 1700-1721.


"Arhitektura Belarusi. Encyklapedychny davednik" ("Architecture of Belarus. Encyclopedia") - ed.: A.A. Voinau and others, Minsk, Publishing house "Belaruskaia Encyklapedyia" named after Piatrus' Brouka, 1993. ISBN 5-85700-078-5.

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