Kosava Palace

The famous Belarusian military commander, a hero of American civil war and the leader of liberation uprizing in Poland -  Tadevush Kasciushka (Tadeusz Kosciuszko) - was born in Kosava, Belarus.

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Kosava was a private town which was given as a gift by Grand Duke Alexander to Lithuanian Marshall Ian Hraptovich in 1494. Later it was owned by Sanhushka in 1570-77. In 1611 Kosava pecame a property of the Sapeha family. Later Isabella Chartaryjska was ordering around here. The Pallace was built though much later.


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See also a wonderful page on recent trip to Kosava by Ton Bezemer. Here are some of his photos with permission of Ton:

A legendary Belarusian-born Belarusian/Polish/American/French hero Tadevush Kasciushka (Thaddeus Kosciuszko) was born in this house near Kosava palace


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