About MAZ MAZ Perestroika Ex.USSR 1988
For the first time this MAZ was exposed on Paris auto show in 1988. It is the prototype of a truck of the soviet designers of a Minsk autofactory. It is interesting by original plan - modular design. Creating the prototype of the truck the experts of MAZ have gone by the same way as well as in the field of space researches. They have tried to create a design allowing to give a plenty of variants of transport means on the basis of interchangeability of modules. Each of variants is made separately and it is individual in operation in many respects. A new principle in a design allows to refuse production of the whole range of models

and to concentrate attention on five-six modules unified among themselves. It's possible to collect the truck with any quantity of axiles from several blocks leading  a complete weight of the truck up to 88 tons. Design has allowed to unite a cabin of the driver and cargo compartment in one block. Thus now they are not separated and by that promote improvement of aerodynamic qualities and decrease of the consuption of fuel.

The engine of firm MAN (Germany) is established only ahead on this concept, but if necessary instead of the back not conducting bridge it is possible to put the power block with the engine or even several such blocks. The engine allows to the truck to move with speed 120 km/h. Concept has independent pneumatic suspension, ABS and original construction of steering management. Equipped weight of the given concept is 12 tons, carrying capacity is 21 tons.
The appearance of the lorry is too simple. Visually the automobile consists of boxes, which is probably caused by a modular design. In a cabin of the automobile it is possible to stand in full height. It has two sleeping places, refrigerator, conditioner, TV set and many other. In addition to usual mirrors there is TV camera for a rear view.

Main Specifications
MAZ Perestroika
MAZ USSR   1988
Platform on: -
Body: -
Powertrain layout: -
Seating capacity: -
Engine   Size
Engine type:     Lenght: 14,4 m
Displacement: -   Width: -
Horsepower: -   Height: -
Torque: -   Wheelbase: -
Transmissions: -   Weight: -
Max. speed: 120 km/h
0-80 km/h: -
Consuption: -

The information in this file is taken from the website about concept cars - Concept Car Collection - by Cyrill Orlov (Email:okg@ch70.chel.su) in Cheliabinsk, Russia) Unfortunately it downloads so slowly that I had to mirror it.

IMHO, that one important aspect of designed was missed by mentioned above author. It is that the main power train of MAZ-Perestroika is in fact diezel electric power station. The modules of axiles could be active or passive. The active ones have actually electric motors that are transmitting power to the wheels - no mechanical transmission is used. I would think that this way the acceleration and fuel consumption of the truck are geatly improved. The passive axiles on the track were possible to exchange for active axile modules due to the fact that only electric interconnection is required to power additional  wheels.



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