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Gomel Plant of Agricultural Machines


Production Association Gomselmash was founded in the USSR in 1930. Today Gomselmash is one of the largest producers of agricultural machinery in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Gomselmash manufactures fodder-picking combines and multi-functional agricultural machines: mowing machines, machinery complexes for sugar-beet cultivation, tractor trailers, mini-tractors with optional attachments and automobile components.

    With metallurgical and preparatory technology, mechanical assembly and instrument production capacity, a lagrge network of warehouses, their own means of transportation, and a well-qualified staff, Gomselmash is able to undertake a wide range of technical production orders.

    Gomselmash is currently seeking new partners interested in investing in joint ventures. Gomselmash is prepared to consider proposals within their field of expertise.

How to contact Gomselmash?
Address: Gomselmash, Shashejnaia vul. 41, Homel, 246018, Belarus
Tel.: (375-23-2) 524-771, 546-852; 375 802-3 254 16 34, 
As always it is better to fax to Belarus:
Fax: (375-23-2) 547-952, 546-764
375 802-3 254 67 64 fax,
Moscow office Fax: (7 95) 978-1883

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In the News:
Alexander Lukashenka: In future “Gomselmash” should become self-financing company 
Nov. 25, 2005 

In the future “Gomselmash” should become a self-financing company, Alexander Lukashenko stated November 25 while visiting this production association. 

The state will continue supporting the company but “Gomselmash” should learn how to work without this aid. The production association will have to become self-financing sooner or later, the president underlined. “Within the framework of the village revival program we will be purchasing national products first of all, but this process will be gradually slowed down”, Alexander Lukashenko noted. 

The personnel of “Gomselmash” are effectively working and are confident in their future, the president considers. At the same time Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the fact that many young chief designers were working for the company. “These are the talented designers, who create latest samples of the national machinery”, the president underscored. 

Gomselmash, Lidaagroprommash to receive $100 million in budgetary loans for making machinery for 2006 harvesting campaign

The Belarusian Ministry of Finance is to provide $100 million in budgetary loans this year for Gomselmash and Lidaagroprommash to help these state-run agricultural equipment manufacturers to make grain and forage harvesting machines for the 2006 harvesting campaign.

About $90 million will be given to Gomselmash and the remaining $10 million to Lidagroprommash, according to a directive of the Council of Ministers issued on November 14.

The loans must be repaid until August 1, 2006 at an annual interest rate of six percent. If a manufacturer defaults payment, it will have to pay a late penalty at an annual rate of nine percent.

Third revival of Gomselmash 


One of the biggest republican enterprises celebrates its 75th anniversary with a totally new collection and grandiose plans for the future

Background information

The Gomselmash anniversary celebrations are due this October. It was in 1930 when the first five-year plan appeared and the local agricultural equipment facility manufactured its first products. Those were straw-cutters, silage-cutters and potato-separators.

During the Great Patriotic War the facility with all its equipment was evacuated east – to Kurgan where it kept on operating for the needs of the Soviet Army. Once Gomel was fought back and liberated from the Nazis the enterprise underwent reconstruction. The principal production line resumed operation already in 1944. And it was then that Gomselmash speaking figuratively revived. The production of the enterprise became ever more sophisticated – pull-type ensilage harvesters SK-2.6, KS-2.6, the well-known KS-1.8 the «Whirlwind». What followed were feed-harvesting combines KSK-100, special trailers and a number of other types of new equipment. 

But in the beginning of the 1990s the demand for the enormous potential of the association suddenly fell dramatically. In the result of the disintegration of the Soviet Union economic ties between the Soviet republics severed and sales of feed-harvesting equipment went down radically. What began was the practice of giving the personnel of the enterprise unpaid leaves. The majority of the employees worked only several days a weak. 

These are some facilities of Gomselmash






Below are the pictures of the machines historically manufactured by GomSelMash









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Most of the images above were taken from this site in Karelia, Russia.

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