The Museum of Stones in Minsk

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The museum's total area is 6 hectars. It is located on the territory of Academic Town near the Institute of Geological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus. It is in Urucche microregion near the crossing of Rusiianava str. and Magistral'naia str.

The map of the Museum of Stones shown at the left has several zones designated:

  • Stone map of Belarus - look closely into the map and you'll see Belarus outline with main rivers and stones, characteristic of regions.

  • Origins - geographical regions from which Belarusian stones originated

  • Petrographic collection - different mineral compositions.

  • Shape - different shapes of Belarusian stones.

  • Stones in Human Life - part of this stones have ancient markings and are historical monuments.

  • Alley of Legends - stones from different areas of Belarus, that have legends associated with them.

If you are interested in visiting the historical and sacred stones of Belarus then you can see these documents in Belarusian:

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