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On-line Directories

1. Belarusian Cities
Our guides and collection of links to 38 cities in Belarus. Many of the pages contain contact information.

2. The on-line phone directory of Hrodna, Belarus.
Directory is maintain by the main Hrodna phone service provider - state run Beltelecom. The directory is in Russian.

3. The on-line phone directory of Slonim.
This directory of a town of Slonim was created by a volunteer from Slonim. The directory is in Russian.

4. BelTeleCom
The main Belarusian telecommunications company (state run).

5. Radzima.org - private travel logs and lots of pictures of different places in Belarus.

6. Globus of Belarus - an enormous database of photos and information about cities, towns and villages of Belarus. Texts are in Russian and have a lot of old Soviet flavor. The history angle in there also feels anti-Belarusian - more like an established Russian Imperial views on Belarus. But if you just look for pictures for genealogical search - its the best place on Internet, no doubt.

7. Babinets.com - great private trips through Belarus photos

8. Architecture of Belarus

9. Schtetlinks - database of stories about Jewish life in Belarusian little towns (Shtetl in Yiddish) from Jewish genealogy site - Jewishgen.com. A treasure!



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