__________Belarusian Genealogy

1. Minsk Registry
Is the first Belarusian list of people from Minsk - the capital of Belarus. It is designed for people from Minsk to find each otther on the Net.

2. CyberGomel virtual community
This community consists of about 100 people originally from Homel', Belarus. The list is maintained by Alena Kachuro.

3. soc.culture.belarus Usenet news group
This group was created in 1996 as a moderated group. Each submission is being read by a human moderator. The SPAM and vulgar posts are rejected. You can read the soc.culture.belarus charter  and browse through soc.culture.belarus archive

4. "Belarus" e-mail list.
This list has several hundred subscribers from Belarus and at times discusses genealogical issues. To subscribe the list, send e-mail to: listproc@solar.rtd.utk.edu
In the body of the e-mail write: subscribe BELARUS firstname lastname
When you subscribe, you will receive a welcome file that will explain more about the list, plus give further information about commands.

5. On-line chat about Belarus.
Actually there are several places:

6. Bulletin Board.
You can post your message on the web-based bulletin board maintained by Belarusy.com




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