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What's new...

What's new...

15/Aug/2000 - Pages redesigned

01/Dec/1999 - A lot of new sounds

17/Nov/1999 - Cyrillic vs. Latin Belarusian Orthography. Check out how to transliterate Belarusian cyrillic text into Belarusian latin text;

29/Apr/1999 - Search engine added. Please report any bugs and send me your ideas;

24/Apr/1999 - Pages moved to ceti server;


  1. Pages redesigned (a little)
  2. Good news for non-Windows users! Eng-Blr. Dict. pages has now been written using ISO-8859-2 code page;
  3. "Names" section added;

12/Mar/1999 - Adjective declention patterns in grammar section added;

05/Mar/1999 - Geographic section to eng-blr.dict. added;

01/Mar/1999 - Page redesigned, new features:
  1. FAQ & New pages
  2. Blr-Eng Dict: available also in one piece
  3. Stressing now for ALL (almost) Belarusian words used in there;
29/Jan/1999 - Noun declention patterns in grammar section;

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