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Abbreviations /Abrevijatury/

v. verb - dziejas│ow
v.perf. perfective verb - dziejas│ow zakonŔanaha tryva˝nia
v.imp. imperfective verb - dzejas│ow niezakonŔanaha tryva˝nia
adj. adjective - prymietnik
adv. adverb - prys│owje
[m.] masculine noun - pradmietnik mużŔynskaha rodu
[n.] neuter noun - pradmietnik nijakaha rodu
[f.] feminine noun - pradmietnik żanoŔaha rodu
[m.pl.] masculine noun in plural form - pradmietnik mużŔynskaha rodu u mnożnym liku
[f.pl.] ... ...
[n.pl.] ... ...
prn. pronoun - zajmie˝nik
pr. preposition - prad│oh (e.g.: pr.:2. - prep. used with Genitive)
num. numeral - liŔebnik
sg. singular - adzinoŔny lik
pl. plural - mnożny lik

Cases /Sk│ony/

1. Nazowny [chto?╣to?] Nominative
2. Rodny [kaho?Ŕaho?] Genitive
3. Davalny [kamu?Ŕamu?] Dative
4. Vinavalny [kaho?╣to?] Accusative
5. Tvorny [z kim?z Ŕym?] Ablative
6. Miesny [pry kim?pry Ŕym?] Locative
7. KliŔny [ ! ] Vocative

Genders /Rody/

m. mużŔynski masculine
f. żanoŔy feminine
n. nijaki neuter

Other explanations /In╣yja pajaÂnie˝ni/

! In these dictionaries, there is used Belarusian latin alphabet with one exception: instead of "u niesk│adovaje": u nieskladovaje I use "w" ("u niesk│adovaje" is not supported by Windows).

! Your internet viewer has to be able to encode pages in Windows-1250 Standard, otherwise fonts cannot be displayed properly.

! All adjectives in dictionaries are given in singular form, nominative.

! All nouns in dictionaries are given in singular form, nominative. Exceptions: nouns that are used in plural forms occur here in plural form, nominative.

! Underlined vowel indicates that this vowel is stressed.

! There are no articles in Belarusian language.

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