Belarusian Ceramic Tiles

This is our future page about belarusian traditional art of ceramic tiles craft. I shall write the text in the nearest future. Right now I already scanned the images and you can view them .

XV c.

Skamaroh.gif (48953 bytes)   The head of jester - "skamarokh". Originates from Polacak.

XVI c.

Tile1.gif (20129 bytes)   Tile2.gif (14653 bytes)  Solar signs were found on this teracot tiles from Miadzel' and Miensk.

 Tile3.gif (17320 bytes)   Sonejka.gif (19897 bytes)  Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)  
  Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)Woman1.gif (75137 bytes)   
 Woman2.gif (82812 bytes)   Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)


Tile4.gif (23461 bytes)   Tile5.gif (21526 bytes)   Tile6.gif (23483 bytes)  

Tile7.gif (25069 bytes)   Tile8.gif (22420 bytes)   Dyvan1.gif (54271 bytes)  
  Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)


Tile9.gif (12948 bytes)   Tile10.gif (23586 bytes)     

 Tile11.gif (58809 bytes)

Fire places and ovens, XIX c - beginning of XX c.

Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)   Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)     Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)

Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)   Karona3.gif (16568 bytes)   Pech6.gif (27609 bytes)

You can try to acquire some of belarusian ceramics through a highly acclaimed in Belarus Gallery "U Majstra" in Hrodna. I've been there myself. It's a great place. They have some belarusian folk art - straw figures, wooden sculptures, ceramics, etc.

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