Belarusian School of Icon Painting

The Adoration of the Magicians
[Paklanenni Veshchunow]

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XVI - XVII centuries

Author unknown

Wooden board, egg tempera
112 x 56.5 x 2 cm

The icon is currently in the Museum of Ancient Belarusian Culture of the Republic of Belarus Academy of Sciences.

This altar icon was described by 3rd expedition of the National Art Museam of Byelorussian SSR in 1958 and by an expedition of the Institute of Art Criticism, Ethnography and Folklore of the Academy of Sciences of Byelorussian SSR in 1978. At the time it was located in Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church in the village of Drysviaty, Braslau region, Vitebsk voblasc'.

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The Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1514 by Mikalaj Radzivil by the order of   Zhyhimont, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Lithuania, Rus', Prussia, Samogitia, Mazovia and Infland. In 17444 another Peter and Paul Church was built nearby by Vaiavoda (Major) of Vilna L. Pacej. None of the churches survived and in 1924-26 the current all-wooden Peter and Paul Church was built according to the plan of architect L. Vitan-Dubejski.

The icon was restored partially by P.R. Zhurbej  in 1978-1989 in Minsk. The icon is signed on the back as "From Roman Catholic Church in Wysna, year of 1514".

The Magicians have learned about birth of Christ in cattle barn by the shining Bythleem star. They came from distant countries to bow to the child and brough him gold as if he was King, incense - as if he was God, berries - as to mortal Human. This scene traditionally depicts three Magicians - Melchior, Gaspar and Valtasar. The are shown clothed in Eastern and Western clothes, with gifts in bowls. God Mother is shown with her child, accompanied by Joseph and shepherd. They are depicted on the background of a barn and a tree. Under the manger and donkey's head there is a text - XVII c. and name of sponsor.


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