Belarusian School of Icon Painting

The Virgin Hodigitria of Smaliensk
[Maci Boskaia Adzihitryia Smalienskaia]

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XVI century

Author unknown

Wooden board, egg tempera
120 x 85 x 3 cm

The icon is currently in Republic of Belarus National Art Museum

The icon was located in Prachyscienskaia Churchin the village of Dubianiats, Stolin region, Brest voblasc'.

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This wooden church was built in 1718 in a typical to Eastern Palesse region manner. It has some feature of Baroque style. The churgh is currently acting.

This icon was described by 3rd and 32-nd expeditions of the National Art Museam of Byelorussian SSR in 1958 and 1977. It was restored by A.S. Shpunt in 1978-79.

God Mother is shown in a blue cap and brown-red clothing with black, white and blue folds, decorated on the edges with silver ornament. She is holding with her left hand baby Christ, who is wearing a silvery chiton, with orange cape. The child is blessing with his right hand and holds a scripted roll of text in his left hand. Two Arxchangels are depicted above on a light blue clouds background -  Archangel Michael in blue chiton and orange cape with brown wings and Archangel Gabriel in orange chiton, blue cape and orange wings.  The sides on an icon, nimbus and texts areare made of silver


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