Zel'va or Zelva is a small town in North-Western Belarus, regional center in Hrodna voblast (132km from Hrodna), railway station on Baranavichy-Vaukavysk line.

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St. Trinity Orthodox Christian Church built in Late Classicism style with Pseudo-Russian elements. The church was built in XIX c. on the foundation of the earlier wooden church dated 1443. The church is currently in service.

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Holy Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church was built in 1913 in Neo-Gothic style. The church was re-activated in 1990 and is now in service.

Zel'va Timeline

XVI c.. Zel'va is known as "miastechka" - small town of the Grand Duche of Lithuania since XVI c. It was privately owned by the famous Sapega family of nobility. According to some commentaries Zel'va had Magdebourg Rights (township) in the Grand Duche of Lithuania.

1795. Zel'va becomes part of Russian Empire.

1816. Zel'va opens an industrial mrket - important for economy of Hrodna and Vil'na Gubernia's (districts).

1831. As a punishment of Sapega for their participation in an uprizing against Russian Empire Zel'va is taken away from Sapega family and transfered to State Empirial ownership. At that time it had population of 1,126, also 19 brick and 122 wooden buildings, 84 stone barns.

1897. Zel'va has population of 2,803. It has 938 houses (out of them 298 residential), beer brewery, honey brewery, wax work shop, elementary school, small pharmacy.

1921-1939. Occupied by newly formed Poland.

1939-present. A town in Belarus.

1966. Zel'va becomes a regional center in Hrodna Voblast (district).

1983. A damb is built on Zial'vianka river and an artificial lake is made with a small beach and boat rentals. 4-5 story apartment buildings are built in the central area.


Zel'va District page from the official website of Hrodna regional administration.

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