An administrative center of the Svetlahorsk Region of Belarus in Homel' Voblasc', 110km North-West of Homel'.

  • XVI c. Svetlahorsk is known since XVI century as a village of Shacilkavichy (later Shacilki). 
  • 1639. The village had 19 households.
  • 1793. Becomes part of Russian Empire.
  • 1924. Renamed in a town (miastechka) of Shacilki.
  • July 29, 1961. Renamed into Svetlahorsk.
  • 1990-ies. "Svetlagorsk is famous in Belarus as the city where drugs, and then HIV, entered Belarus. The city has a population of 10,000. Of that number, 1,700 are registered as HIV positive" - according to Mission Connections. Minsk News reported lower numbers but majority of HIV cases still remains in Homel' voblasc' and Svetlahorsk is also mentioned as the place where HIV entered Belarus.



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