Other Historical Belarusian Estates

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We are working on providing descriptions and history of the following estates. In time we hope to cover all of them. But in the mean time you can view just photos of these estates in this page.

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Dzedzihnskaia.jpg (27866 bytes) v. of Dzedzina

Dziatlauskaia.jpg (32373 bytes) t. of Dziatlava

Haiuciunishki.jpg (22007 bytes) v. of Hajciunishki

Hal'vichpol'skaia.jpg (27326 bytes) v. Halavichpolle

Harnastaevickaia.jpg (57560 bytes) v. of Harnastaevichy

Harodzienskaia.jpg (25488 bytes) v. of Harodna

Hermanavickaia.jpg (28701 bytes) v. of Hermanavichy

homelski.jpg (38462 bytes) c. of Homel

Hramiachauskaia.jpg (34189 bytes) v. of Hramiacha

Hrodzienskaia-auhustouskaia.jpg (25992 bytes) Auhustova (c. Hrodna)

Hrodzienskaia-Paniamon'.jpg (25759 bytes) Paniamon' (c. Hrodna)

Hrozauskaia.jpg (29486 bytes) v. of Hrozaw

Hrushauskaia.jpg (31436 bytes) v. of Hrushawka

Ianavickaia.jpg (16458 bytes) v. of Ianavichy

Iurcauskaia.jpg (18428 bytes) v. of Iurtsava

Kamianapol'skaia.jpg (13828 bytes) v. of Kamianpolle

Kobrynskaia.jpg (23668 bytes) t. of Kobryn

Kosauskaia.jpg (32045 bytes) t. of Kosava

Krupskaia.jpg (26016 bytes) t. of Krupki

Liavonpal'skaia.jpg (26433 bytes) v. of Liavonpal'

Lyntupskaia.jpg (35713 bytes) v. of Lyntupy

Mahilyowskaia-Pipenberg.jpg (24133 bytes) c. of Mahilyow

Malaberastovickaia.jpg (33567 bytes) v. of Malaia Berastovitsa

Malamazhejkauskaia.jpg (30094 bytes) v. Maloe Mazhejkava

Malinouschynskaia-kaplitsa.jpg (19402 bytes) v. of Malinoushchyna:
Estate Chapel and Estate House

Man'kavickaia.jpg (25096 bytes) v. of Man'kavichy

Mezhauskaia.jpg (37953 bytes) v. of Mezhava


Abbreviations used: v. - village, t. - town, c. - city.

References used in this file:

"Arhitektura Belarusi. Encyklapedychny davednik" ed.: A.A. Voinau and others, Minsk, Publishing house "Belaruskaia Encyklapedyia" named after Piatrus' Brouka, 1993. ISBN 5-85700-078-5.

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