Below are the links to the photographs of Hrodna of the beginning of the XX century. I have intentionally scanned them with high resolution because zooming into them is so exciting. So those of you with modem connection - please have patience downloading the images. But it is worth of it. You can zoom in and see the strange gas street lights, old elegant benches, old fashioned clothing and those strange postures of our ancestors being photographed for the first time in their life. Enjoy.

General panoramas:

Murav'evskaia street named after Russian executor general Murav'iov "the hanger". Before that it was named "Raskosha" - "Luxury" after the big restaurant at the northern end of the street. Today northern part of it is named after the Hrodna writer Elisa Azheshka (Ozhesko in Polish).


Sabornaia street is known as "Saveckaia"(Engl.:"Soviet") today.

Zamkavaia street ("Castle street")- perhaps the first street of historical Hrodna. In XVII c. Polish and Litvanian aristocracy has build their houses along the way to the "Old" and "New" Hrodna castles where Polish kings were spending summer coming to hunt in surrounding Hrodna pine forests. The name of the street has been never changed. It is always "Zamkavaia".

Handliovaia street - is known today as "K. Marx street"(625 kb);
View of the railway towards Skidzel' market (544 kb);
Pier on Nioman river (849 kb);
Governor's House - former Tyzenhauz estate (999 kb).


     I would like to thank Hrodna Voblast' State Archive, Hrodna Historical- Archeological Museum and my mother -Z. Arciuhovich - for their help in assembling the pictures for this page. Maintaining this page is Alies' Arciuhovich. I would appreciate your comments and suggestions sent at this address.

     If you have any old photographs of Hrodna or other Belarusian cities we would be happy to show them here and in other pages of Belarusian City Guides.

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